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Thread: Is Mind/Body connection New Age baloney, or a real thing?

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    "masturbation is the leading cause of death due to AIDS"

    What is specifically meant by this statement is that masturbation physically exhausts the body.
    Ah. So what is not specifically meant by that statement is "masturbation is the leading cause of death due to AIDS". Although that was the actual statement. Gotcha.

    This is all true Zach. Which part do you want me to start proving?
    Well I'd like you to prove all of it, but I've seen your idea of "proof" and have no desire to see more of it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Happeh
    I could post a picture or two maybe if you were interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbokohutu View Post
    My disagreement is in that you are thinking about nerves or some nebulous something that you liken to a car engine deteriorating.

    I am saying that......the body energizes the mind. Not by nerve impulses or anything like that. Sort of like an air pump pumping up a tire. If your body is in bad shape, it can only provide low pressure to your brain. If your body is strong, it can provide high pressure to your brain.

    I could post a picture or two maybe if you were interested. I don't really need to though. Go look at some pictures of Shaolin monks. They usually have round heads right? They have round heads because their body has high pressure, and pumped their heads up until they were big and round.

    Look at a weak person. Their head will be oddly shaped, unevenly shaped, and or smaller compared to the Shaolin monk. That is because the weak person's body only puts out low pressure, so it cannot blow up the weak person's head like a balloon.
    I don't know if you realize this, but you are saying the exact same thing as I am. I am just saying it in a more technical way, while yours seems more observational. It is the same argument though.

    And also, look at the heaf of someone who does steroids. It is also very round and seems bigger, as a result of their hard working of the muscles(building up their engines) but they have cheated by using a chemical to aid them. The mind/body connection doesnt necessarily imply a spiritual side, which is why many of these roid freaks are also assholes.

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    this is just a warning, dont encourage him.
    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"

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    Quote Originally Posted by master splinter View Post
    this is just a warning, dont encourage him.
    Heya master. Shouldn't you be in your backyard playing at kung fu while your fat jiggles around?

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    "honestly girls dont seem to want anything other then whatever they want "atm" then that can always change:"
    maestro's love genius.

    first we work to live, then we live to work, ..& then when someone else can do it good enough without us - we can all run off and die.
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