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Thread: New mixed CMA's School

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    OK lets start by saying i dont want to argue with any of you guys but i will answer some of you.

    DOC...i dont remember saying i trusted the chinese. I have lived here a while, i have dealt with them and i know they are liers, i think all asians are liers its in thier blood.
    I also dont remember putting myself accross as being in Shaolin lala land as you put it. These days i know the shaolin is a load of bollocks and i dont go near it.And the school is not even geared towards Shaolin.

    ONESP1NG...I dont agree that the chinese cant afford prices what we pay. I have Chinese friends who are loaded and splash money around like theres no tomorrow. They are not all poor!

    So let me tell you about the weekend, quickly! im hungry.

    The School is not only managed by a westerner (English man) its owned by him. He has been in China a good while and like alot of us he was pissed off with the bullshit chinese schools so he has set his own up and what a good job hes done.
    There are good teachers there, food was good, facilities was good and the location is 1 of the best places ive been to in China.

    So it cancels alot of things you guys were saying about this school because its not owned by chinese.

    There was the Teachers there, only 2 students who are basically getting private lessons from what i could see was very good teachers. And the only other chinese was the kitchen staff and translators.
    No Chinese students.
    If i had my time again (single, no family) then i would go there for a few months its very relaxing and peaceful.

    Weather was not very good though but i think thats due to the typhoon in taiwan.

    OK i really need to eat now.

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    quote - i think all asians are liers its in thier blood

    dude, do you think before you type? or are you just a moron?

    There are only 10 types of people in this world.
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    No, he's not a moron, he's just reflecting upon an opinion based upon his experiences, and like me, probably, many of his experiences have demonstrated to him that many Chinese in China tend to be dishonest in some way. I've found this also, not with all, but with many.

    It's probably a bad way to describe it. If you look at their history over the past fifty to hundred years (even, thousands), these people have had little stability in their lives, and even less support mechanisms. They're "survival" based, which means they'll do what they have to do to get by. If that includes lying, deceipt, or other types of business practices that we in the west find abhorrent, they'll do it. They have to survive. They don't have the social nets that we have built in the west to help take care of ourselves.

    I don't condone their actions; I don't like what many of these people do. My experience with Xingwei was just another example, albeit, a bad one. There have been many similar examples with these "pretend to be monks", whose history I won't get into. I have a few friends in China who I love dearly and trust extensively, but they're few and far between. Call it stereotypical, I know, you can't make generalizations, and neither allrounder or I are doing so (or mean to do so). You're always wrong when you make generalizations, because there are always exceptions. But, overall, I think its fair to comment on a type of people based upon a majority of experiences that you've had with them.

    You'll find this with all peoples. We, as groups, have tendencies and ways of dealing with things, based upon our culture, religion, history, surroundings, and social interactions. It's more of a "nurture" sort of thing than a "nature" one. I think...
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    Watch out, Allrounder, I'm going to team up with a bunch of Jews and we're going to take allllll your money! Hahahhaha!

    Hmmm, the funny thing is, lying is in my blood...was I lying about what I just said? You might not find out until it's too late! Hahahaha...come, Jews! Let us draw our plans...
    Becoming what I've dreamed about.

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    but you seem like such a nice fellow. i don't believe you'd actually ban together with these jews and go take his money like that.

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    That was just a cover. Since the secret's out, I might as well just go with it.
    Becoming what I've dreamed about.

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    well when you're serious, and need a jew, contact me. we can get some mexicans to do the work for us. have heard the blacks are lazy.

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    Wow, I think this conversation just went from bad to worse... eek!
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    all asians are liars,

    blacks are lazy,

    mexicans will work for dirt,

    whats next?

    White people are greedy corporate capitalist bastards?
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    oops i forgot,

    and the jews will take your money. What the hell is a jew anyway?
    "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"

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