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Thread: Shi De Yang wushu guan

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    Thanks for your timely reply doc (I am sure you were busy so it’s ok).

    I do understand that DeYang is a busy guy and that most often I will be taught by his disciples (I was told, by his school, that all the coaches are DeYang’s actual disciples). I have no problem with this as, I am guessing, these guys have to be really good to be his disciples.
    I was under the imprison that DeYang’s school is more traditionally but Doc seems to suggest otherwise. Since DeYang is a traditional guy I am sure his disciples are trained in traditional gung fu. On the other hand, if local students want to learn wushu so be it but if other request traditional forms only, I guess they will be though traditional forms (I was told that I can learn what I want and I don’t need to follow any strict curriculum. Maybe that’s what you had in mind when you said “You may not learn as much traditional gong fu as you think you might.”).
    Still, I am interested in learning only traditional hand forms with proper application. The exact number of form I can learn is not relevant as I prefer quality over quantity. If I learn good gong fu with good understanding of applications I am not really interested in who teaches me as long as I learn it properly.

    With this in mind, I want your honest opinion. Who would be a better match for me, DeYang or DeCheng?

    PS. Try not to be prejudiced since DeCheng is you teacher but be brutally honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doc View Post
    Now, if you read the credits at the end of that video, you may see my name.
    i saw it, doc. good for you!

    Well, I don't know how this story ends. I have not been to China since the Discovery Channel shoot.
    i was there just after. master deyang was in good spirits and he was training. seemed very strong to me. but at that time there were only a couple foreign students. as i've been hearing from him this year, there has been more foreign students. even coming in groups and he has been training them. i will be back there in a couple weeks until the first week in july when he leaves china again. i can report back on the current situation, but it sounds like there has been an improvement despite funding difficulties. but healthwise, he seems 100%.

    His skills and knowlege are tremendous, though he does not have the encyclopedic knowlege of gong fu that Decheng does.
    what makes you say that? both of them seem like walking encyclopedias to me. and to be transcriber of the ancient texts you'd have to be.

    but one thing i noticed was that decheng does his forms differently than deding, who he initially trained with before discipleship under suyun. then he does xiaohongquan differently than suyun too. but deyang kept pretty consistent through the years. from the old documentary videos of him doing xiaoluohanquan, or suyun going over xiaohongquan with him. thats how he still does them today- exactly.

    but decheng's is different. i havent seen him do forms more than one way, but its different from his teachers- which always confused me because you said he's a traditionalist and always kept the forms exactly as suyun had taught them to him. i can post videos of them to illustrate.

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    You're going to learn just as well from either one of them. The problem is not their teaching abilities or their knowledge. The problem is access.

    Both travel quite a bit. Both are busy with various things in their life, albeit Deyang tends to focus less on teaching and more on his various other responsibilities and pursuits. Actually getting time to spend with them is the issue.

    Since they are both different individuals with different methods of teaching, and different focuses on teaching, I would suggest spending time with whichever one was most available during your potential stay in China. And, even better, try to split up your time between the two.

    But regardless of where you end up training, it will be a worthwhile experience. Just do it.
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    Very political answer Doc. I see what you are saying and to tell you the truth I had something similar in mind. The only problem is, if I stay in deyang’s school I cant spend time with decheng as I am not paying him and vice versa.

    Ok I will leave this thread open for further discussion on deyang’s wushu guan from people who know about it or have trained there. I am sure more up to date information we get will help a lot of people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogchow108 View Post
    Oh, my aching ears. How do you turn the music off : (

    you can shut it up ...

    right click on the video (near the top left hand side ...
    and click on play to stop it!


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    w00t, thanks = )

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    I'm not trying to be political. I think that those of you who know me, know that I am far from "political".

    Obnoxious is probably more appropriate.

    What I'm saying is, spend a month with Deyang, and a month with Decheng, living at each respective school, totally separate the experiences. Base your time on their schedules (when they'll be around). No reason to just train with one.
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    obnoxious is probably much more appropriate. . :P.

    I plan to go back to dengefeng myself . the plan is that I will study shaolin calligraphy with one monk and study kungfu with another. you might just have to eat the expense and do it. if that's what you want.. that's probably what you're looking at.

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    Interesting idea Doc but I don’t have that much money or contacts to jump from school to school plus the hassle with visa. I was thinking settling in one school and just focus on training without thinking where deyang and decheng are. This is the whole reason I am asking these questions. I want to know that I am making the right decision with deyang or decheng.

    Doc perhaps you have more experience and connections dealing with the schools but I don’t. I also don’t have much time to shop around so I am trying to get information from knowledgeable people and on bases of that I will make my decision. Maybe you think this is not the best way to go about it but it is the only way I can do it.

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    bih- as doc said you'll not go wrong training with either of them. they are both about as high as you'll get in this day and age. not more than a few of that generation left.

    the difference between the two schools i think will not be the quality of training but of facility. thats the only difference i can see. decheng has a school specifically for foreigners with all the western comforts. real toilets, showers, water, etc.. deyang's place cannot accommodate foreign students like that as of yet. you'll be thrown in with the domestic chinese students.

    so really, the choice is yours and it is a choice of comfort, not training. even when the two masters arent there, their coaches will be teaching. and while their knowledge is not as vast, their skills are also tops and they know the applications and will teach them to you.

    whichever way you choose you will not go wrong. as doc suggested maybe go to one for a while. then later go to the other. you dont have to do it all in the same trip. you said you want to go for a year or something. do it, and then the next trip you take, do the same in the other school, if you want.

    the choice really isnt going to make that big of a difference.

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