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Thread: Where can I find a good, simple liveing, Shaoling school?

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    Alright, on topic.

    Fa Wang/Weng temple don't give much results, except for some Youtube videos. The article about Shi Heng Jun doesn't point in any directions either.

    I found this though:

    Even though not exactly what I'm looking for, it has nice surroundings.

    If anyone could answer my other questions (wushu, monks, training hours etc), that would be great.

    Thanks for all the help so far though.

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    In the Shaolin Gong Fu Schools section of the Forum / Library here.

    Or, you can use the SEARCH function.

    Or, you can click on this link:

    There's another thread somewhere in here...
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    Oh, thought you meant the website.. My bad.

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