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Thread: New hopes chanwugongfu school

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    I satisfy you completely
    Easy tiger! lol

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    well, that'll definitely draw in the customers....

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    looks like it

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    Hey guys what about the mistery and the respect for the master? Learning Shaolin gong fu is not like going shopping and following ur supreme desires. In buddhism one should give up his ego, it is not about customers. There is an eastern logic in studying Shaolin gong fu and the shifu might try to express that.

    I remember i asked my Shaolin shifu to teach me Bagua because i wanted to learn about Yin Yang. He showed me a tree.

    By the way, Shifu, are u a vegetarian? Remember Sun Wu Kong had to become vegetarian to master the higest gong fu. I think vegetarian is important to practice freedom, letting the animals free to live their life as they express this desire to be free, and in modern days animals suffer a lot.
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    Namo Guan Yin Pusa / Dont create suffering / Dont harm animals!

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    Weapons, Hand Forms, Sanda-Fighting arts and Iron Body skills, are a part of our daily training program, which is designed to teach discipline and offers the opportunity to learn and understand your inner-self through intense physical conditioning under traditional Chinese surroundings.
    Cost per day is 50 yuan which includes a shared room, 3 meals per day and your daily training. No minimum stay required.

    Chan Wu Gong Fu Academy
    Deng Feng, Henan Province P.R.China
    Phone: 86-0371-6-275-1091
    Handset :13838312721

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    Shaolin Gong Fu’s main difference to most other martial arts is that is has Chan Buddhism at its heart. Its strength, hardness and speed on the outside are filled with softness and compassion in the heart. The aim is not to learn how to fight, but to learn how not to fight. One has to battle oneself, learning how settle the raging within the human mind. Through balanced and proper training it is not only the body that grows strong, but also the spirit at the same time. To truly understand Shaolin Gong Fu one must step beyond the physical and beyond just performing a set of movements.
    Some of the actual movements or forms of Shaolin Gong Fu are based on animals, such as Wu Xing Quan (5 Animals), Qi Xing Quan (7 Animals), Gou Quan (Dog Fist), Ying Quan (Eagle Fist), Hei Hu Quan (Black Tiger Fist) to name a few.
    Other forms include Shaolin Quan (Shaolin Fist), Old Shaolin Nan Quan (Southern Shaolin Fist), Lohan Quan (Lohan Fist), Chang Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Shao Hong Quan (Little Red Fist), Da Hong Quan (Big Red Fist), Lian Huan Quan, Gongfu Quan and Jin Gang Quan (Diamond Fist).
    Shaolin Weapons include some of the following: Shaolin Guen (Staff), Dao (Broadsword), Bien (Whip Chain), Jian (Straight Sword), Qiang (Spear), Mu Yang Bien (Bullwhip), San Jie Guen (3 Section Staff), Shang Gou (Tiger Hook Sword), Pu Dao (Horse Knife).

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    How did they find here ?

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    China ShaoLin KungFu

    Unfortunately Master Wang doesn't write English very well and has asked me to help him. The last post was an excerpt from a website made by a former student of his in an effort to encourage overseas students to go and study with him; I am such a student and must say I have found the experience to be quite rewarding. Master Wang has studied martial arts from the age of twelve and is proficient in not only Shaolin kung fu but also Chinese boxing. Although he currently teaches Chinese students in a Shaolin school in Deng Feng he has taught foreign students for ten years from countries such as America, Russia, England, France and Australia. One of the most valuable skills at his disposal is the fact that he speaks passable English; having been in Deng Feng for almost a month I can safely say this is a fairly rare attribute. I've met a dozen or so masters in my time here and all they could say was 'hello', so I don't think I could have learned at all were it not for this fact.

    Master Wang is very keen to teach international students and has started a program with a former student of his from America called David Woods ( Unlike other teachers Master Wang begins by asking his students what they would like to learn as opposed to forcing them to learn a set syllabus; as a result of this instead of merely training basic forms I learned one basic form as well as the guin (stick) and sword. He is very friendly and a wonderful teacher and, as already noted, I have found the experience to be incredibly rewarding. If anyone is interested in going to the source of Shaolin kung fu and experiencing an intense bout of exercise, training and education I highly recommend this program. If anyone is interested in communicating with Master Wang directly his e-mail is

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