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Thread: 72 arts

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    Well, let me rephrase that, because my post did not come out as planned.

    I've never heard of anyone mention the phrase "72 arts". However, some of those "arts" are taught at Shaolin, albeit buried within the Ji Ben Gong and other things such as some forms. It's not like they have a class on the "seventy two arts". Some of these things mentioned here are just part of the basic maneuvers. And also, of interest, you see some of these terms in other martial arts: ie, the "iron broom sweep" found in Kenpo, "iron palm" and "Iron arm" found in Seidokan, etc.

    Decheng might get here in a few weeks; he's in Massachussetts now (he called me when he arrived to the US, thought I was in Thailand). I'm sure when I ask him, he'll give me that blank look that he sometimes does when asked about these western applied terms for Chinese things, and then proceed to demonstrate all of those above skills when we review stuff...
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    72 Arts are said to represent the 72 peaks.
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    fa hui i dont have the ebook anymore go to and post in the thread like a billion people at that site still have it they will give it to you..and if u get it give it to me to lolo. i cant post there they banned me a long time ago for having an oppinion about them sucking dick

    and, just so u know doc these "arts" are supposed to be from shaolin and wu dang.

    and like u said the iron broom, iron arm etc are common skills in many system is actually famous for both of those two skills

    and arhat...where did u come from!! lolo i thought u hated us now...did u find out yan ming has been scamming u or something

    no offense anyway im sure ur still wit the guy, its good to see old peeps posting here
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