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Thread: instructions for a woman's scent..

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    instructions for a woman's scent..

    if you ever want a woman to smell good, put her in oil, scented oil. when she sweats she will smell good. the more the heat the stronger the fragrence. Breath. Smile.

    Don't ever do anything to harm your body. Don't wear anti-persperents they don't let you sweat. Sweat. Don't wear perfume. Don't wear achohol of any kind. It reaks of easyness and desperation. Breath. Drink achohol, don't wear it. Breath. Lower your eyes and smile. You smell good.

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    This is some kind of poem/commercial for scented body oil thing. Kind of reminds me of those artsy car commercials. I thought it was weird so I decided to post it and get everyone else's opinion.

    Is anti-persperent bad for a person to wear?

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