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Thread: Is free training better?

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    Is free training better?

    I've always sort of had this idea that training you didn't pay for was more valuable than training you did.

    The idea behind it is this:

    Theoretically, the best teachers are the ones who love it the most. If someone loves it enough they will do it for free.

    If someone loves teaching and only wants to teach they will naturally have to charge students to support themselves, but then run into complications that make them less good as teachers than they would have been otherwise.

    For example, they will always be focusing a small part of their attention on receiving payment and therefore can never give all of themselves to the student.

    Or perhaps, they might have to accept students they wouldn't normally for the sake of payment and then not teach as well as if they had a class full of students they really wanted to teach.

    They might become disenchanted with the "business" side of things and lose their passion for the work but keep doing it anyways, and never impart the kind of fire to their students they could otherwise.

    Therefore, if someone is truly driven to do something or teach something, they will do it for free (at least occasionaly) and/or find another way to support themselves so they don't have to worry about compromising their values.

    On the other hand, if a teacher has to hold a seperate job to support themselves they have less time to teach, and/or might be so unhappy with their other job that they don't teach as well as if they spent all their time doing what they love.

    Maybe I just watch too many movies or am niave.

    What do you think?

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    i completely agree.

    the irony of the situation can be a bit surprising, though. people don't always grasp the opportunity when it's free. some seem to really need the cash exchange - perhaps, at least, just to get them through the basics and initial growth stage.

    but being able to train for free changes things quite drastically, i'd say. now everything depends on your relationship with your teacher, willingness to go, ask questions, and train/ no one's going to tell you what you to do, or that you have to come, etc. you simply train or don't, learn or don't. with no pressure, and no one to depend on for motivation but oneself.

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    makes sense, you seem pretty wise about these things

    i've come to learn in life that many people don't appreciate something they get for free

    although, i imagine someone who actually learns something of value for free pays for it in some other way, like a prolonged struggle to reach the state of mind where they can learn in the first place

    for example, if someone pays cash for something, while they are earning the money with a goal in mind they are mentaly preparing themselves to learn, and in giving the money they are signaling themselves that it is time to pay attention, because they have struggled for this

    likewise, someone who is actually going to learn something of value without paying money, must prepare themselves to learn in some other way, must teach themselves in some way that what they are learning is something of great value

    i believe that everything has a price of some kind
    and that things gained too easily are not appreciated for their inherent value

    i don't believe it is right to get something for nothing, or something at the expense of another, unless it is a gift or we are desperate

    actually, i believe everything has a price of some kind
    i think good people pay the price themselves
    and bad people make others pay the price for them
    however, for children people will volunteer to pay

    so, if you are an adult, and everyone is helping you out, that doesn't make you a bad person, but it does make you a child, and we invest in children for the sake of investing in the future, so teaching someone for free is likewise investing in the future

    i also believe we can pay for things in ways other than cash

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    You have to understand exactly in what position is the master. If he lives in the U.S. and he bank manager, he can afford to train people for free. But such a situation - a rarity! Most teachers can not teach for free, they practice - the main work! I give an analogy. Why President Obama will not work as a loader at night? And its president - for free. Or Professor of Medicine held 4 operations per day and at night works as a janitor. This is - right?

    Everyone wants to be qualitatively trained. To educate its quality, needed for this work coach. The coach gives most of his life to teaching students. Why did the coach should spend his life on the man who after learning just go away? I have taught thousands of people, I tried to do it qualitatively. After 20 years of teaching. What's left? How do you think I have many friends? People - selfish! They like to get and they like to forget the teachers. People do not like to pay. People do not like to love, do not like the responsibilities and obligations.

    I will say honestly. I brought up a lot of strong fighters, champions. But they forget their masters, they then talk about his greatness. I have not received a response no money, no thanks, no food, no friendship, no awards, nothing ...

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    I have been doing a hell of a lot of server shit lately though...

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    The best training is not good because of the price, it is good because of the quality of instruction and the persistance of the student.

    Infrequent training can be nearly worthless if it is never consistently practiced or drilled. Three weekend seminars in a decade won't mean much whether they were free or $2000 per weekend.

    Conversely, the training you stick with and continually implement is the training that matters.
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