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Thread: actual maps of china?

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    actual maps of china?

    While on our regular traverses through the internets, we came across these hilarious netizen-made maps detailing what people from specific regions of China think about the other regions around China. And if you've ever been in a conversation with a Chinese person, you'll know they're full of opinions about what their Henan brethren are like, or what those damn Shaanxi people are always up to.

    Up above is the views of China's most important cities - Hong Kong, Beijing (as well as a specific one for Beijing women hoping to get married) and Shanghai - click on the map to make it bigger.

    We especially like how the Shanghai one is pretty misshapen... we guess only Shanghainese people wouldn't care really what the rest of the country really looks like anyway?

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    Shaolin is in the "swindlers" area....

    Goes along with what I've said all along about Henan province, LOL.
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    This is sheer genius
    I've never been to Shanghai, but I feel that I know all I need to know about the people there now. So no need for me to go to there.
    It would be interesting to see one of these maps, as drawn by the Uyghurs.

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