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Thread: A tour like no other

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    A tour like no other

    The domination of the market forces is almost complete in the tourism sector in Kerala. This is evident when analyzing the present developments in this sunrise sector. Perhaps in no other sector can you see such a massive world class infrastructure development. For an international tourist on a nationwide tour Kerala offers something unique unseen elsewhere. When compared to similar destinations in Asia, the Kerala experience is rather unique.

    The domination of the market forces offers certain advantages. When the demand for hotel accommodation increases, the price also increases. That means as demand increases and supply decreases, the rule of the market forces take precedence and thus the price tag goes up. The hotel owners used to make much money as a result of such a development. Also when demand for certain rare artifacts and other foodstuffs increase, the final cost charged per tourist is also on the higher side.

    To tour Kerala and witness the entire beauty of the land, a short tour may not be enough. Such is the wide diversity of the land. It is blessed with natural resources like no other state in India. From the lowlands adjacent to the long coastal stretch, you can see great diversities as you reach the highlands bordering the Western Ghats. The long coastal stretch extends to about 600 km and on this stretch, scores of beach resorts have come up. Tourists interested in water sports have scores of options to enjoy and unwind at a leisurely pace.

    Recently, the health tourism model is an instant hit with both the domestic and the international tourists. Today, almost all the prominent resorts and hotels offer ayurvedic rejuvenation packages. Ayurveda, the science of life, has been well received by people all over the world. It matches the developments of Chinese indigenous medicinal systems. Due to the increasing demand for natural medicines, the government has initiated a plan to cultivate these medicinal plants in a large scale in the state.

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    Any recomendatio for martial art teacherin India? I should b there in january (main objectives: gandhi ashram and jain master)
    Namo Guan Yin Pusa / Dont create suffering / Dont harm animals!

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