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Thread: Chinese MA school for beginners

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    wogboy Guest

    Chinese MA school for beginners

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    I know its the same old question, but its a bit different now.

    Im currently in China doing a gap year. Before I go home I would love to train any Chinese MA full-time for one month.

    My first option was Real Gap's Shaolin programme. Due to some problems it didn't work out. Luckily for me, since after reading some threads, it seems to be crap and overpiced.

    My second choice was Siping City Shaolins. After I wrote them a POLITE email full of questions about their school, they refused to accept me. Apparently my questions were too "trite, negative, critcising, disbelieving". Besides I "questioned the academy's integrity and honesty". Lucky me again. I think the school's crap too.

    I found this site and I ve spent a lot of times reading various threads. I feel a lot wiser now, but I'm just as helpless as before. I need some advice.

    Here's my situation:
    1) I have not even one year experience in Shotokan Karate. I have done half a year of kickboxing and know some Judo. In China I started to do Tai Chi and a school's sport teacher taught me some wushu (I don't think it was traditional) forms. (It was for free. I'm not that stupid.) To sum up, basically I have no experience.
    2) I only want to train for one month to get an insight in a new MA and too experience it in China.
    3) Money is a big issue.

    Now here's my question:
    For somebody like me, would it make a difference whether I spend this month in a more traditional or a wushu school?
    I suppose I won't get further than the basics anyway, and I think they are very similiar, if not the same in both wushu and traditional.

    I know the doc's school recommendations. I think they are good schools, but they seem to be a bit out of my price league and besides would it make a difference to someone with almost no experience?
    I thought about goin to Dengfeng myself in order to find a school, but I read a thread about it warning from foreigner ripp-offs.
    Does anyone know an honest and cheap school down there?
    I don't mind poor living conditions and I can speak enough Mandarin to survive.

    Some advice would really help me a lot. Thanks.
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    wogboy Guest
    1. btw...any Chinese Martial Art would do.
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    i cant really be much help, i know how you feel though. honestly deng feng in the winter though? i dunno i cant stand the winters here, i cant imagine a winter there with their shitty housing

    id like to train at shaolin some time but more for the experience and i been coming here for 10 years lol so almost everyone here has done it. so i would say go to shaolin i guess, or chen village or something but those places are so cold right now!!

    so anyway sorry not much help
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    If you're talking about going to Shaolin now (January), I'd really suggest you do something else.

    It's damn cold, and most of the schools have sent their coaches and students home for the holidays.

    Read the main site,, in the Shaolin FAQ section. It will give you more insight. And I will respond to you personally; I've just been swamped with a chaotic life right now.
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    wogboy Guest
    First of all, thx for the replies. I was afraid nobody would reply.
    It doesn't matter if you think you can't help me, Im just happy for having someone to talk to about my plans. Besides, reading other threads, I think both of you have helped me already. Thanks again.

    I have just finished reading the FAQs. At this point Id like to give you my copliments. They r full of useful information and besides also entertaining sometimes. Great job! (I'm not usually an a**licker, I just thought somebody should mention this.)

    Im planning to train from the start of march to the start of april. I know it will be still quite cold, but unfortunately I need to go home soon, and I want to do this now, while Im still in China.

    Shi De Cheng's school sounds great, but moneywise it may be a problem. Of course I would love to go there, especially if I got to meet him, since he sounds like an affascinating person.

    But there is also, the wushu/traditional basics thing as I mentioned earlier, leads me to believe, that I wouldn't really matter, where I go to train, as long as its not a complete ripp-off, money and trainingwise, if you know what I mean. To be honest, Im not expecting too much, since I've been in China for almost one year now.

    What about the Chen village. Do you think I might be able to go there to train Tai Chi and maybe some external MA? Has any foreigner done that before?

    I was also thinking of going to Shi Yang Zhang's school, which is in Beijing now, even though I know that Doc doesn't seem to think too much of it. Its mainly for their cheap prcie that I'd go there.

    Hope somebody can help me out. I appreciate it heaps. Thanks.
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    There have been a few westerners that have trained at chen village. This website may be of some help if you want to go there.
    Also there is this website about how to contact the school but it's only in chinese.


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    yea, honestly id love to go to shaolin just for the experience and yknow to chill in a shithole i guess rofl. chne village i read an article awhile back about a school out there that trained traditional chen taiji with alot of stress on the conditioning and combat application which is definatley sick because you will really feel it lolo

    if i had to choose between a monk and a chen taiji master at about the same price id choose the taiji guy but only cause i love taiji and espcially chen and sun styles if your plans are for march you got plenty of time to do research

    check around other forums ask around, there are alot of people here who have alot of information, LFJ, DOC obviously, onesp1ng
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    I can talk to Decheng about the price. And March, though cold, is an OK time to get started. He has indoor training areas.
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    wogboy Guest
    Yea, doc. That would be great, as long as u could do it not bindingly ( I hope that's how u say it. Sorry for my english.)
    I have been trying to save up enough money to do what I wanted, but it turned out to be not so easy living in bloody expensive Shanghai. seems to be blocked by the government. I couldn't acces it.

    Tai Chi is amazing, expecially Chen Tai Chi, and to me, skillwise and movementwise it seems to be much more challenging than gong fu, but as I said, I don't really have much experience. What I miss in tai Chi though, is the extreme physical challenge that you find in gong fu.

    If you have any other information/suggestion/advice please don't hold it back. Id appreciate it.
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    if you on a tight budget and wanna study Chen forget about the village. it's crazy expensive. you do get a lower price but they want you to pay for half a year or a year upfront.

    Go to Yangshuo. There's a teacher there called Kim. You'll find him in the park. He'll charge you 30RMB an hour. You'll be one of 3-4 students or even just yourself if you prefer. He has a solid lineage and speaks damn good English. If you need help let me know and i can put you in contact with friends of mine who still live there and study with him.

    Plus is that it's deep south, so the weather is great.

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