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Thread: synthetic biology

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    synthetic biology

    [ame=""]YouTube- Andrew Hessel on the Future of Synthetic Biology[/ame]

    hey doc i watched a few videos by accident but its interesting to me. honestly i think im to dumb to ever be a scientist at this guys level hes talkin about mit and shit those people are geniuses, but what do you think about this
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    Singularity University,
    it was founded by Dr. Ray Kurzweil (author, technologist, and futurist)
    An unaccredited school put together by people with interesting ideas, and financed by Google. Could eventually be interesting.

    Can't you find some good porn instead of this shit?
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    lol, yeh it looks interesting alright but this science inparticular was interesting to me

    anyhow, i guess intellectuals never change

    there ya go big fella, lol now go out there and be somebody!
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    Good porn?

    Impossible to find these days in china, no?

    Not talking about hungry ghosts and the disgusting, from my point of view, flesh of aktors fed minimum on violence why not food, maximum on promote risk and violence, their scenarios r full of violence, rape, lies, impermanence, even zoophilia/

    I wonder what is the goal of the mafia (and eventually some of their police allies)? Spread violence, ignorance, risk, anima suffering, to have more divorce, less true yin and true yang, more prostitution and so on?

    What s ur take/

    And expekt me to strike back...
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