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Thread: Shi de jian's school in China

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    Shi de jian's school in China

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    never heard about this school

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    Yes i know them from a long time ago. They r veg. I kan introduce u if u need

    Search on youtube for videos
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    If you want to look for Shi Dejian you can walk up to San Huang Zhai, either on the mountain trail from the Shaolin Temple or from the other side of the Shaoshi mountains, which is a lot faster.
    He does not always have time to meet you, but there will probably be one of his disciples to talk to you.

    Chances are very small he will accept you as his student. Many people come to him with this request. Usually he sends them to the school of his kungfu brother Wu Nanfang, down the mountain in Shi Li Pu village.
    If you show good progress and a moral character, you will have the opportunity to study under master Dejian after first learning the basics with master Wu Nanfang (for about 3-5 years).

    You can find more information about master Wu Nanfang`s school on
    There is also a channel on Youtube with his video`s.

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