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Thread: Xing Wei's Kung fu Chan school in Las Vegas?

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    its not too difficult to extend visas while in china now. i know a few people who have been living in china for several years, traveling around and study gongfu in various places. how they afford it is another question.


    yup, i followed the story back then.


    i wont be going south this time. i'm just taking a group over to shaolin for a little while. as for the western/chinese price, its really only cheaper for poor families who have to put their kids up. i think its more than reasonable, considering everything included.

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    i dont think so, all the more i ve been akcepted as drukpa kagyu wuseng, i dont feel like going to skool who doesnt praktice dana, but pretend to b budist.

    i dont feel welkom
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    then dont go.

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    im almost positively gonna go to shaolin in june, i really wanna do it, i gotta look into the visa info and the ticket price and stuff but besides that im thinkin mid june or so
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    lfj, well no i dont think i would go if i dont feel welkomed.

    I used to be philosophy teacher,i kan teach them for free but they dont seem to be interested

    In greek philosophy people asking for money for teaching r kalled sophists and konsidered by sokrates,who never asked money nor did plato and the akademy, as korruptors of philosophy...

    ming bai wo?
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    i do, actually. sometimes i have similar issues.

    but one important thing you, and i, might consider evaluating more, is: whether or not people want the help. help is a relational; it's a two way street.

    in this book i once read, this guy (chinese martial arts teacher) said, if you let me get close to you, in time, i can heal mostly anyone. (i may have mentioned this before) that statement always seemed very profound to me - on many levels...

    i work with a lot of people, and i could help more if they'd just allow me to do my thing, but it takes trust. on one hand, i have to be willing to listen to the person to help them, even if i don't really like them. on the other hand, they have to trust that i won't hurt them, that i know what i'm doing, and listen to my advice, etc.

    when someone says, 'thank you, you popped my hip back, i've had that problem for years.' etc etc... i say, ' well, thank you for letting me help you, or, thank you for letting me be of service to you.' these are the best responses i've found to date.

    i mean, even if you really know what's best for others, have a proven track record, etc., how can you expect people to trust you if you push them to take your words for granted? and how can you be sure what you offer will be best for everyone?

    peace and love...


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    yes u r right 1, i think, thank u.

    considering the problematik and methodology of western philosophy and psychology, i have often found people not willing to learn

    for instance in dali i had met this daoist master from wich i was willing to learn but i asked him if he wanted to study philosophy and he was not interested

    later i opened the dictionary by random, i think, and i had XIU,study...

    it takes year to study philosophy in its methodology and discussions (just think about the question of what is juridikal right)

    same with psychology

    i am fortunate enough not to ask money for that, but i feel reluctant to teach someone who doesnt give me anything but ask me for money to do some gymnastik

    from what i know, for centuries, until around 80 BC, the akademy of plato was free of charge

    peace and love
    Namo Guan Yin Pusa / Dont create suffering / Dont harm animals!

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    is it a good academy?

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