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Thread: training in Beijing

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    training in Beijing

    Hi folks,

    I'm off to Beijing for a month in July for a mandarin language course/holiday and wanted to try and fit in some training while I'm there as the lessons are 5 days a week and finish at 2pm most days. Has anyone had experience training in Beijing? From what I gather it's mostly Wushu up there. I've been training for some time here in UK, mostly Hung Gar, but also Xingyi, Bagua and TaiChi (Yang and Chen Man Ching). Would be interested in doing some Northern Shaolin or anything traditional but not really Wushu.

    If anyone has experiences let me know.



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    theres a decent amount of people doing kung fu up there i wouldnt know but id look into jing wu association. or just go find a little bum lookin guy like jackie chan to teach you lol i havent seen the karate kid yet but..yea
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    damn that sounds like so much fun!

    how did it go?

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