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    Shaolin Tours

    Hello, I am going to Dengfeng in April for 2 weeks through a website They arranged for me to train one to one with a monk in the temple but I will be staying in a hotel just outside the temple. Do you know if this company is reputable and if it is true that I will be training with a monk in the temple? I will train in Wu Xing Ba Fa. Do you think it's a good choice of a form? Which form do you think I could learn in 2 weeks which has good practical applications for real fighting? Many thanks for your help
    I don't know the company; but if you ask me during one of my jaded and cynical moments, I'd say there are few Chinese companies that are reputable, especially when dealing with Shaolin. But if you're not paying too much money, and you get your two weeks at Shaolin, it will be a worthwhile experience.

    Wu Xing Ba Fa is a great form to learn. Xiao Hong Chuan is probably a better one for combat applications, but Wu Xing Ba Fa is very diverse, and interesting to learn.

    We won't start with the "what's a monk" thing.
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    Hello Doc, Thanks for the quick reply about training in Wu Xing Ba Fa in the temple! You said Xiao Hong Chuan has probably better martial art applications than Wu Xing Ba Fa. Do you think I could learn both forms and their applications in 2 weeks? I will be training privately 4 hours a day and I pick up things quickly as I have trained in Shaolin Kung Fu before in the UK and I am also a JKD instructor. Do you think 2 weeks would be enough for both forms?

    And another thing, do the monks teach the applications of forms in debth or is the emphasis only on performance? As to whether Wu Xing Ba Fa and Xiao Hong Chuan are traditional forms and not Wushu I believe they are traditional as they are both on your list of traditional forms. Right? Many thanks for all your help which is appeciated. If you don't mind I might get back to you with more questions.

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    It depends upon the "monk".

    From my experiences there, most of these guys focus more on the performance than they do the applications. Applications tend not to be taught; I guess that they are expected to "figure it out" after "doing the form ten thousand times". I was actually told that. The older generation guys, from my interpretation, seemed to be more savvy about how to use this stuff, particularly the De generation. They were taught applications from their masters. But with the emergence of performances and competitions, the focus moved to doing it as opposed to understanding it. I've discussed this at length before, somewhere in this madness.

    Xiao Hong Chuan is a rather large form, about sixty or seventy steps as I remember (and I don't remember well anymore), depending upon how you count them. Getting both in, in two weeks, along with learning the Ji Ben Gong (the basics, which make up these forms), and you're asking a lot. But, you can try. Hell, my first trip to Shaolin was only a few weeks, and I managed to get three forms in, but I was training extra hours with DeCheng. I guess it can be done, but, you're pushing it, and you might end up sacrificing both of what you've learned. The tour thingie might not allow it; I never use those things, but for a first time, its probably the best way to go.

    If you're not happy with the guy that you get teaching you (and more than likely, he's going to be some peasant kid in an orange robe with great flexibility and awesome performance skills), look up Shi De Cheng while you're there, and say hi. Your next trip might be better spent training with him, or with Shi De Yang (who is a little more difficult to get to know, or to meet).

    We're here to help. BTW, you might want to read the Shaolin FAQ areas of the site, some of the stuff in there is pertinent and helpful. And the Doc's Hospital part of the site here in the forum, as it does cover some important health related things when it comes to traveling China.
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