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Thread: Shaolin kung fu?

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    2 is the site of the place that does JKD and a few other martial arts.

    I'm just going to take Fa Hui's advice, and not sign up to that school. Unlucky for me, it's the only school in leicester I think.

    I asked my friend about the JKD club @ st johns that does free style karate n other stuff, and he said to me it's an ok club. He's been doing karate for years now, and is black belt dan 2 (15 years old). So i'm going to go with a few mates who wants to try JKD, and see what it's like.

    I'll reply here, tell you guys what the club was like (JKD not shaolin).
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    The JKD club looks good. Plus there's no harm in trying out school for free for 30 days. I would definitely look into it.
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    The whole concept of these schools using the shaolin name is actually going to be a topic for discussion, as I've gotten some interesting emails about it, and have a lot to say.

    Once I get the new site online. Hundreds of pages. UGH. Any day now...
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