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Thread: Shi De Cheng Wushu Guan

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    Shi De Cheng Wushu Guan

    Shi De Cheng has expanded his wushu guan to include the building next door. You can see the courtyard in the overview video in the File Library.

    Included in the new building is foreigner's quarters (each gets his own room), a hot shower, and a western toilet.

    Not exactly a toilet that you'd want to bring reading material to...

    FEE UPDATE March 2006:

    2006 revised rates for Shi De cheng's school.

    Prices are per person per day, in US dollars.

    Live at school (includes housing, food, training)

    1-2 people: <30 days 35
    <60 days 30
    >60 days 26

    3-5 people: <30 days 30
    <60 days 26
    >60 days 23

    6-10 people:<30 days 26
    <60 days 23
    >60 days 20

    Live at hotel (includes hotel, school food, training)

    1-5 people: <30 days 50
    <60 days 45
    >60 days 40

    6-10 people:<30 days 45
    <60 days 40
    >60 days 35

    >10 people: <30 days 40
    <60 days 35
    >60 days 30

    Shaolin Temple, each trip 100 Yuan per person
    Da Fa Wen Si, each trip, 45 Yuan per person

    Pickup and Travel
    Zhengzhou to Dengfeng, each way, per person 300 Yuan

    Mandarin Chinese lessons
    Each person, per hour, 20 Yuan

    Fees should be paid directly to Shi De Cheng's school, in cash, upon arrival. No monies should be sent to or any of its representatives. We provide this information as a public service, and are not responsible for any changes that we are not made aware of.

    Pick up can be arranged in Beijing, with assistance to guide you to Zhengzhou, via associates of mine. Again, donations and or fees should be paid directly to my associates in Beijing.

    People needing assistance with travel plans, and any other issues, should register as an Elite member in the Forum / Library. We will provide assistance to you as much as possible.

    UPDATE 12/06: His newly revised English website can be found here:

    UPDATE 1/08:
    The typical training day

    Well, some of that depends upon you. But usually, there are two two hour training periods, either with or without Decheng. The hours tend to be from 9 to 11, and then from 3 to 5.

    The domestic students will get up somewhere after five in the morning, and perform a morning run. You can feel free to join them, or as I did in the past, do your own. Breakfast follows that, and then, the AM class as described above.

    Lunch follows AM class, along with rest time. I used to add an additional class with Decheng during this time.

    PM class starts at 3, ends at 5 or so, followed by dinner and rest.

    Some students would then train on their own in the evening hours.

    People usually went to bed around 9 or 10. There's not much to do in Dengfeng at night.


    FEE UPDATE January 2010: see page seven of this thread or below

    Songshan Shaolin Wushu release Tak-sing
    Foreign students fee schedule

    (Accommodation, learning) Unit: USD
    One day 1 --- 10 days 11 --- 30 days 30 --- 60 days
    1-5 people 57 U.S. dollars 50 U.S. dollars 43 U.S. dollars
    6-10 people 50 U.S. dollars 43 U.S. dollars 36U.S. dollars

    Hotels (accommodation, learning) Unit: USD
    Person days 1 ---- 10 days 11 ---- 30 days 30 --- 60 days
    1 --- 5 86 U.S. dollars 79 U.S. dollars 72 U.S. dollars
    6 --- 10 79 U.S. dollars 72 U.S. dollars 65 U.S. dollars
    11 or more 72 U.S. dollars 65 U.S. dollars 57 U.S. dollars

    Note: perennial learner, school fees, 7900 U.S. dollars;
    (B) Zhengzhou pick their own expense;
    (C) Travel expenses from their own;
    (D) 20 dollars an hour to learn Chinese.

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    okay, i'm back in comfy japan from my big trip to china. well, it was only two weeks, but it was my first time there, so it was big enough. so here's my quick and dirty report on shi decheng's school. doc, if you want, i can write up a full report on the entire experience and post it soon.

    my trip was short and cheap, but tiresome and not for everyone. but training with shi decheng really made my trip special. but to preface all of this, i had the opportunity to train with decheng privately and semi-privately throughout throughout my entire stay. there was only one time when i was handed to one of his coaches (who, by the way, was amply qualified to teach and train). anyways, i'm not so sure this is the deal all of the time, but be rest assured you'll be treated well at his school. decheng and his school will not waste your time.

    the training: i think that when a foriegner shows up, decheng pretty much assumes that you want to learn traditional gongfu. however, he also is pretty handy with taiji and there was one lady training exclusively in taiji (she was learning the chen style 38 step form). his business card also mentions that his school teaches qinna, wrestling, etc. so i imagine that if you have a special request decheng would at least think about it. but his real specialty is traditional forms. if you want to train in modern wushu, i would not recommend decheng's school, or any in dengfeng. geez, go to beijing for that you bozo. if you want to train in traditional gongfu with a devoted attention to basics, then shi decheng is the man to go to. his skill is amazing; once in a while he'll show an application to a move and you'll realize that his speed and strength is far beyond what he appears to be capable. his ability to teach is where he really shines, though. he's patient, understanding, encouraging, watchful, thurough....pretty much everything you'd expect from a good teacher. i was very surprised at my progress. i've never been good at jump kicks or those foot sweeps close to the ground, and by the end of those two weeks i was actually somewhat comfortable with them. as for what exactly i learned, in two weeks i learned the jibengong (the basics), tongbeiquan (a fairly short taolu), and ingshougun (a basic staff routine). to be honest, i could've spent my two weeks just training jibengong and i would've been satisfied. and i was only expecting to learn one taolu. learning ingshougun was icing on the cake. however, if you go, don't expect to learn what i learn. you might just learn the jibengong, you might learn a lot more than me, or you might learn totally different forms than me. but again, be rest assured that decheng will give you as much as you can handle. it will be a year before i can return, and believe me, i'm gonna need all of it to practice what i've learned. as for the amount of training, i got in four hours of actual class time a day, much of it with decheng teaching and watching over me. i also spent some time on my own practicing or jogging around town.

    the facilities: well, there are no real training facilities per se. we did most of our training in a park or in front of the school. when it rains, well, either you brave the rain (which is foolish) or you find a pavilion to train under. there's also the room in the foriegner dorm that's big enough for a person to train in (but not five, which was my case). and if you're expecting that training in china will be this quiet, peacful experience, well, you should get that notion out of your head quickly. music is everywhere (even f'ing horrible russian dance music was blaring at the pagoda forest). at the park, chinse locals and tourists will stop and look...for hours. it wasn't so bad the first few days, but after that it gets pretty annoying. and it got downright ugly when one man demanded i do something other than tongbeiquan or ingshougun. but you know what? there's bigger things to complain about, like toilets or food. and besides, you're learning from the best, so you should be able to stand little things like this. anyways, if you looking for a school with complete indoor facilities, buffet style dinners, and air conditioning, then go someplace else...pansy. haha.

    the cost: since i'm a pansy (and there was no room at the school), decheng hooked me up with a deal at the fenguan hotel. a room there now costs about US$50 a night, but if you work connections, you can get a room there for significantly less. the cheapest solution is just to stay at decheng's school, just let his school know you're coming. the cost of to doc about this, he's the man to talk to. i have no idea what he normally charges students, i have no idea what the quoted price is. if you want to know, contact the school. i think each circumstance is a little different. what i was charged was exactly what i felt the training was worth (and no, there's no hidden meaning in this sentence), so, all i can really say is that you'll get your money's worth, and that it'll make paying for training in the US seem like a joke.

    the verdict: this is a good, honest school from my short experience. you'll train hard, learn good traditional gongfu, and be among very friendly people. two weeks training with decheng in my opinion, though, was much too short. this statement should be taken as a good indication! i've been doing martial arts for 17 years now, so i've had the chance to see some good schools (and a lot of bad ones). training at decheng's is one of the best experiences i've had; i highly recommend his school.

    yeah, and the western toilet....i don't you could read in there anyways, the light didn't work when i was there...hehe.
    -Jesse Pasleytm
    "How do I know? Because my sensei told me!"

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    Jesse, glad you made it back safely. It was a pleasure meeting you. The girlfriends at the You Yi restaurant have been asking about you, lol... You will most definitely have to come back to please them, god knows I can't take care of them all by myself.

    Feel free to write about your experiences when you have time. Remember, massage hall stories stay in the massage hall, lol. Oh, and I fixed the Xingwei/Decheng thing. God, that certainly did take some time and finesse.

    Scott and his gang leave in two days, Justin and I leave shortly thereafter. What a trip.
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    So Doc, what's this about Xing Wei Decheng thing?

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    Oh, do I really have to get into this, lol?

    Monks. Geez.
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    Oh yes you do...

    When you're not swamped...

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    Why don't you check out the other posts he made about it, or the news page?
    practice wu de

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    Jesse, did the ying shou gun you learned differ from the one in the video library? My Ying Shou Gun ive learned differs from it, it feels like the on on the forum has been remade a little to look faster and less repetetive althugh its almos the same.

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    The Yin Shou Gun in the video library is, if I remember correctly (yea, right...), performed by one of the coaches I know. A coach much younger than DeCheng, and not taught by him. Therefore, it might be a little more "wushu oriented", and sped up a bit by dropping a move or two here or there. It essentially is the same form.

    Excellent pick up though. Very demonstrative of what's occurring to traditional gong fu these days.
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    yeah, the yinshougun on the video does indeed have some movements that are either simplified or removed, but it is basically the same form. there's way more of a wushu aesthetic in the video, which i suppose is fine by me, its just some of the more beautiful (and more difficult) movements have clearly been smoothed over. where he does the back kick was taught to me as first crouching and guarding and then springing up into the kick. there's also the two sliding foot attacks towards the end. in the video, he jumps into gongbu, while i was taught to jump into pubu from pubu....a little more difficult!

    but details like this are kind of silly when training with decheng. everytime you think you have something down he'll give a new detail, either something you hadn't noticed before or wasn't taught simply because somethings are a little overwhelming at times....the learning never stops.

    sunbird....where do train?
    -Jesse Pasleytm
    "How do I know? Because my sensei told me!"

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