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Thread: Wooden dummy system

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    Wooden dummy system

    theres wooden dummy in wing chun kung fu and theres also 18 different dummies in choy lee fut. I'm not sure about the origin of wing chun but dummy system of clf was passed on by monk Choy Fook to Chan Heung who is father of clf. Choy Fook was from northern shaolin temple.

    now my question: do the shaolin monks teach or know the dummy system? has the knowledge of Wooden dummies been lost maybe in the last burn of the temple? Maybe the monks know the dummies but don't teach them?

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    maybe yes maybe not...

    No seriously, to what I know, wooden dummy is essentially practice in southern style, I know it is even a major part of their training, this and the thing with a bambou with (at the origine) heavy metal coin in it...
    I never saw monks training with these sort of thing, exept for one but I can't remember his name. But when I saw it, it was really looking like hung gar moves.
    I know I dont answer to your question but I hope this help anyway.
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    Totally unrelated to this thread. But, in Shaolin Wooden Men who else was super freaked out by Jackie Chan's back approximately 1hr 20 minutes into the movie?

    It haunts my dreams.

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