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A Merry Monkmas, 2004

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  • A Merry Monkmas, 2004

    Here we go again....

    In commemoration of this historic event, yes, that is, Shi De Cheng's second visit to the United States, and, the very first visit of his brother, China's Sanda champion for nine years, we will be hosting a training seminar eating extravaganza, in Las Vegas, at the Shaolin Institute. And God knows what else...

    Yes, you heard it right. I'll be hosting a dinner at my house too. Again. As if I didn't learn from the first time. Or the second. Or third. Real monks, real doc food. Including Steve's turkey Pu's Thai food, and doc's famous lasagna. At the doc palace. Where few have ventured before. Well, maybe not a few. Monksgiving last week brought a little over ninety people. Ninety people. I think I knew three of them.

    When: December 18, 2004
    Where: At the Shaolin Institute, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Details to follow.
    Who: Shi De Cheng, his brother, Mickey, Pu, Steve, me, and whatever bum we can find on D Street to help with the cooking. Oh, and we expect you too. That is, if you meet one of the following criteria:

    • You are a student or disciple of Shi De Cheng, from anywhere in the world.
    • You are a registered student, in good standing, of the Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan.
    • You are a bonafide monk of the Shaolin Temple, or a student and/or disciple of a US based monk of the Shaolin Temple.
    • Students and disciples of Shaolin monks from other countries are welcome, if you decide to make the journey.
    • If you are a friend of mine. Which, if they all show up, will increase the party size from, oh, three to five.
    How much: Free. However, due to the large costs associated with bringing Shi De Cheng, his brother, and the few other monks we're working on, to the US, any donations made directly to them would be greatly appreciated. Help with cleaning the dishes would be nice too, especially since I fired the housekeeper.
    What: Who knows what we're going to do. No doubt some training sessions with Shi De Cheng, Shi Xing Wei, et al, (and possibly other Shaolin monks who might visit with us for this reunion), at our school, over the weekend are in order. And some general hanging out. Master Steve might direct us who don't know in the arts of nightly Vegas excursions. And, who knows, hell, it's Las Vegas. We'll put this together soon. Now, don't forget, the thing that makes it all worthwhile: dinner at doc's. On Saturday night. Come get your share of gastroenteritis. Just like in China. And bring a bone for Mickey. Don't want to piss off a 130 pound German Shepherd now. Especially one with an attitude. OH, and it's Master Steve's birthday. Bring him a bone too.

    Get back to me: Check your calenders and make up your minds soon. RSVP to me directly, as soon as possible. Shi De Cheng etc, arrives within hours, for a few months.

    If you're coming: You're going to need directions. There's a map to the school in the SCHOOL section of the site; there's no map to my house. Any woman in Las Vegas with little to no morals should know how to find it Just find one. And bring her. Email me directly for directions to my house, for the dinner party on Saturday. Remember, you come at your own risk....
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

    (more comments in my User Profile)