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    I was in church, a real church, not the kind in las vegas mind you. Anyway, now in all the star trek movies there seems to be this teleportation. Basically, it operates on the principle of taking something apart, and then putting it back together. You can do that with a piece of paper with tape. Well, I was looking at sheet of paper, and thinking now if fold this sheet of paper, I came make it take up so much less space. What if you could do the same thing?
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    i have heard of a few submission wrestling moves where you take someone and roll them up like a piece of paper. needless to say, it is not for purposes of teleportation.


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      When you fold the piece of paper, it stlll takes up the same amount of space; it's mass has not changed.

      And when you tear a piece of paper apart, and re tape it, it has changed. It's not the same paper anymore.

      When you shred that piece of paper, it still has the same mass, and still takes up the same space, but it is no longer the same piece of paper.

      WTF am I talking about this for.... I just woke up. Too many prayer services. In our real church.
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        i think the CIA recently halted a project of a few million dollars looking into "psychic teleportation".

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          The mass (as doc stated) and volume, and most physical properties did not change....

          You need to read some basic physics. It'll help you with some of these thoughts.
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            No, wait, I understand it perfectly:
            First, you fold the paper, then lick it, then roll that sucker up. After smoking the sh!t that's inside, you are indeed teleported.
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              IIRC, some scientific research agency mathematicalley proved teleportation is possible, as long as you already have 1 unit of identical matter at each location (not just two pieces of carbon, for example, but the SAME piece of carbon at both locations). In other words, as long as at least one particle of the item to be moved has already been duplicated and transported (by whatever means available...UPS even) then mathematically, the rest of the individual can then be teleported. The problem is they haven't figured out how to have the same particle of matter in two places at once, yet.
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                They have actually managed to kind of 'teleport' at the quantum level (whatever that means!) - basically they were able to teleport a quantum particle from point A to point B.. the particle existed in both locations at the same time.. or something like that.. not a lot of use in the real world yet but still kind of cool..


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                  According to the article, they 'teleported' a quantum state, not a particle. While very cool, still very different, IMHO.
                  -Jesse Pasleytm
                  "How do I know? Because my sensei told me!"


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                    pazman's correct. they duplicated a quantum state in two places at once, and they're still a bit confused as to how exactly that works. but it's a far cry from teleporting anything. there isn't any reason at this point to believe that this will lead to any kind of teleportation technology the way we imagine it.