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how do i get a girl to like me?

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    Incidentally, Doc take this one to heart, as far as more acupoints that activate erogenous zones go....... Kidney 11 is a great point. It's located directly between two tendons on the medial aspect of the back of the leg, level with the polpiteal crease (the back of the knee). It has pretty strong energetics to it.
    I like Doc 1. You don't learn it in school.

    It's a great erogenous point. It's located directly between two tendons, each on the medial aspect of the upper anterior thigh, level with the inguinal crease.

    It has stronger energetics to it than Kidney 11.

    It's only found in females.

    It takes great skill to find.

    It takes even greater skill to reach.

    Good luck.

    May the force be with you.
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      Ooops, thats kidney 10, not kidney 11. Kidney 11 is located about a centimeter (0.5 cun) from the midline at the superior border of the pubic symphasis. It takes great skill to properly press kidney 11 without being slapped or sued. And it can activate Doc 1.
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        Hmm, got me thinking, you know how they have curves for women? To bad there wasn't hmm XZY acupressure and massage clinic. Get women to pay to touch them.

        Seriousily, Thing is if there is some women then have to have the nicest things. These will get your broke. Why don't you take them someplace that doesn't cost you money? Thing is I think women, enjoy men who are fun to be around. That's who I think there attracted too.

        I think us guys are need to control it more. We tend to telegraph the moves. Wouldn't take the surpise out of it? Personally, when you learn that then things open up. You dont' want them to know your intersted. It's about control man. You don't want to be like the last dozen wusses that came your way. I personally, don't like it when women brush up to me. I mean they look nice come on, they have a boyfriend. It makes me feel cheap.

        Personally, I think you should only do anything with a girl in two places. Hers or yours.


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