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    A Cop Story

    Funny. When I was a rookie cop 8 yrs ago I was riding with my Field Training Officer (FTO). One day we were patrolling through a parking lot of a busy shopping center. We had our windows rolled down and he stopped the patrol car to let a beautiful woman cross the right of way. Now this woman was probably in her mid thirties, long hair, low cut shirt, very short skirt, high heels just perfect ya know (doc's kinda woman). She crosses and waves at us and gives us that flirty smile. My FTO being a lot older than me with his salt and pepper hair, and probably counting down days until he retires, turns and looks at me and says "you see that" I said "yeah". He says with his stone cold expression..... "No matter how good and pretty they are, somewhere; some guy is tired of her ****"! He kept driving. For some reason that stayed in the back of my mind and it wasn't until a few years later did that quote have meaning to me.


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      "No matter how good and pretty they are, somewhere; some guy is tired of her ****"

      Yes. Doc's kind of woman.

      Aren't they all like that.... lol
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        I heard it explained to me as "show me a beautiful woman and I'll bet you somewhere there's a guy whose tired of ****ing her."

        Same concept I suppose.
        Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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