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  • Internet access?

    Do you or will you provide net access there? It would be a very useful 'attraction' for anyone planning on staying for a while.. a simple LAN or even perhaps a WIFI access point would be ideal for anyone bringing a laptop or pocketpc or something like that..

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    While on the subject.. you could hook up a webcam so we could all watch the action from back home!


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      Being a net freak myself, a high speed internet line, and LAN for playing Ghost Recon, is going to be a necessity. Once I have the main facility taken care of. That is taking a little longer than planned, which is why we have arrangements with nearby hotels (which have their own internet access). There is high speed internet access available locally in any one of the multitude of nearby internet cafes. Our Muay Thai gym has a computer with internet access also.

      As far as webcams go, what happens in Phuket, stays in Phuket.
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