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Chenjiagou April 2007

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  • Chenjiagou April 2007

    I'll be arriving in Chen Village at the the very beginning of april 2007. If you going drop me a line. I'm gonna try stay as long as my finances allow. Hopefully at least a year...

    There are only 10 types of people in this world.
    Those that understand binary and those that don't.

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    What exactly are your plans?

    I planned to move to China for quite a time.... as many years as possible.... for lifetime Gongfu practice.

    One of my goals is to stay off the tourism but I dont know when I will be able to get the money, nor where to start my search at.

    First idea was one of the mountains. If I get lucky, I will find a place to stay and a master to practice with, for little money but helping one another.

    Any ideas?

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      Well I’m in the midst of a CELTA course which will enable me to teach English in China. Turns out china is the country with the world's biggest demand for English teachers... the course is only 4 weeks long but it's damn stressful so don't enter into it lightly... like i did.

      With regard to exact plans... well plans are meant for changing. And mine have. I’ll be arriving in china on April the 1st of this year. i hope to spend about 6 months in Yangshuo (, learning Chen tai chi under one of Fu Neng Bin's students. I know at least two teach in the area. During that time i'll teach part time. After the 6 months i'll hopefully be a bit acclimatised to china and mandarin. then chances are that I’ll move to chenjiagou.

      There are only 10 types of people in this world.
      Those that understand binary and those that don't.


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        Alright... I will most likely go to Wudang shan and enter a school with favorable prices.

        So much for the start, will see what else I will do.


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          hey baifeng i am planning on going to study wudang also for about 6months-1 year,its not in wudang exactl, but close
          the website is the master is pretty amazing check out his videos
          looks like a mix of wushu with wudang,the wudang stuff looks amazing i cant wait to train bout 4-6 hours/day
          right after i finish some school stuff im gone,i might go to another school after his also for 6 months too but yeah man cant wait
          long live martial arts!


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            Hey Renato,

            Just wana say that the teaching thing here, given that you end up at a decent school that dosen't try to dick you over, is super easy. I have been here for 7 months now teaching English in Shandong and the only complaints I have are cultural ones.

            The teaching shoud be a breeze once you get over here !
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              i'm interested to know what kind of cultural problems you experienced...

              does it have anything to do with your fascination with asian woman? just need a heads-up...

              There are only 10 types of people in this world.
              Those that understand binary and those that don't.


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                No no no, no problem with the women. I mean, I can't get a honest date with any of the teachers, but that's not what I was referring to.

                I'll just give you a list... Keep in mind, things are a bit better in bigger cities...

                People drive horribly ! The wrong way down the road. No stopping at stop signs, stop lights, or merging areas. People often don't stay in one lane. People often pass into oncoming traffic. Not many speed signs, so most cars go either too fast or too slow, and all smaller busses max out around 40 mph. Honking is done at everything, even a person walking down the sidewalk.
                Most buildings don't have parking lots, so the sidewalks serves as a make shift parking lot.
                Your never truely safe walking anywhere. ( My bosses old mother was hit by a box that was not tied down in the bed of a truck. He took a corner too fast, the box flew out and smashed into her as she stood out front of her house, right in front of her front door.)
                Babies are allowed to pis and shit where ever they like, the street, the sidewalk, the floor of Mc Donalds.
                Grown men also piss in public.
                Busses will end up packed untill not a single other body can fit in. Complete disregard for saftey issues.
                Peolpe don't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze so in close quarters, like an over crowded bus, it's easy to catch a cold. Take extra precaution in flu season. ie: medical masks, scarf...
                Trash in many cities is often dumped, by the garbage men, into the street and then shoveled up into a truck, so there is often a stink in any city. You get used to this, but sometimes a waft of it will hit you out of no where.
                The majority of people are very impatient and the concept of a line doesn't exist anywhere there is no-one to enforce it. Often if you are in these situations (a ticket window, bank teller window, weigh scale at a super market) you are forced into being rude or you will never get what you came for. The funny thing is, this is the way things are done, so if you shove someone out of your way, most often it is not seen as offensive.
                People rarely use trash cans outdoors. They just drop their trash on the ground, and sanitation crews aren't tryin their best.
                The north doesn't rain much so everything is always dirty. However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I belive Chen village is closer to the south so that may not be a problem for you.
                I've already addressed peoples crappy sense of hygiene on this site, but in case you didn't catch that... People don't bath every day and deodorant is practically nonexistant, so people CAN, not always DO, but can stink. Also remember to bring a couple extra bars of deo. with you.
                I won't even start on the spitting thing. Just expect to see it everywhere, on busses, in carpeted rooms, in a restaraunt, next to or on your foot, durring movies in a movie theater. By men AND women. Also it is rarely just a spit, it's a deep throughted hawk of a spit !
                The younger generation have no respect for anyone but their friends and families (and not always them). It's a result of the one child policy, parents spoil their children. Not by buying them everything they want, they just hardly ever punish them. Kids grow up getting away with whatever they want. It's also the norm for people not to interfere in other peoples buis. so if a young person is doing something that pisses off everyone around them, no-one says a word. (like playing loud music at 5 in the morning on a 15 hour buss ride. rrrrrrrrrr)
                That also applies to cutting in the lines that are being enforced. Train and bus ticket windows are horrible for this. The line may be four people deep, or a quarter mile long but people will just casually walk up to the window, throw down their money and hollar out their destination, and the teller will actually give them their ticket. This goes for the young and old. Like I said, people don't do anything to stop it. Only a cop will try to prevent them from getting to the window, but even they don't always care to "confront the problem".

                THere's probably more, but that's enough for one post. I was just talking to another teacher last night over dinner about how someone should write a book that REALLY addresses the cultural situation here. The "Culture Shock" book about China is a laugh. Some of the points in that book are just plain wrong.

                I gave you an idea, but there's no way to be prepared for the reality of life here. It's just VERY, VERY different from anything in the west.
                "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest


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                  I got my own experiences with this place.

                  You say it is easy to find a decent school in Wudang City? I say any food is decent food for a starving one.


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                    My question is.... can u actually survive there being a teacher.....i mean u make enough money to pay for living and gong fu lessons? or is just to help u out in the financial part?


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                      yes. maybe not enought to save, but definitely enough to live, travel, and pay for gongfu classes. in china a teacher (foriegn teacher) usually gets between three to four times as much as a native teacher per month. which is good, and unfortunate. you can live well there as a teacher. but how well can you really live there is still questionable.


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                        Make sure that you guys take your Pepto Bismal every day (if you're not allergic to aspirin). Got to keep those H. Pylori infections down; more on that later when I return. Be gone for a while.
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