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how shaolin monks jump so high

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  • how shaolin monks jump so high

    i have been asking around and havent got anything really on this subject. i wanna know what the shaolin monksdo to train their jumps. how do they do it. i do hunggar but we have northern in our system with jumpkicks and tornado kicks and i have been trying to get them down really high does anyone have any advice for me and what i should do to work my jumps. when i do stretching you think i should hold each stretch for liike 5 minutes.

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    maybe they use a tramploine?


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      i dont think so

      no really i dont think they do that. but there must be an exsplanation of how they do it what they do to work towards jumping real high.i know someone has the ansewer to my question.


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        Practising maybe........ ? And it are not only monks who can jump high.....they're not 'superhuman' or more better than other martial artists just because they're "shaolin monks"


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          do you know a few shaolin monks that have demonstrated to you how high they can jump? if so, just ask them.

          if not, and you're going by the pictures, never forget the importance of what you don't see, not to mention how much difference a camera angle can make.


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            well then

            if its nor its true i can still train to make my jump high. true at that it akes practice but i was wondering dont the shaolin monks do a special thing towards practicing for jumps. like isnt there a jumping kung or something im not positive so thats why im asking. hey dont some of you guys do shaolin kung fu anyways?


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              They do regular training for high jumps. Work on their legs a lot. It's kind of the same as what a basketball player would do. There is only one way to get higher jumps. Work on the legs and jump, a lot.

              For example. Use a bench or a step. Something that you can put one foot on and your leg is almost flat with the ground and the other is on the ground. Push up on the bench and lift your other foot and the rest of your body off the ground. Then go back down to the ground. Just keep that one foot on the bench the whole time. Try doing it faster. Almost like pushing up for a jump. Do both legs obviously.

              After that, stand both feet on the ground. Jump both feet up, pull your knees to your chest. Land both feet on the bench and jump back down. Each time you hit the ground jump back up. Make the time you are on the ground very little. As soon as you touch, jump again. Like a bounce. Make it as fast as you can.

              Finally, run.. jump off of one leg. Pull the other knee high up to your chest. Reach up high. Jump as high as you can. Do that on both legs. Later when you do it you can add a kick in your jump. Jump front kick. Or do run to set up a tornado kick. And do it. Jump.

              Those first excersizes should build up your legs enough and get you that springy feeling if you do it long enough. So practice it often. You will certainly see a difference in your jumps. There are many more excersizes but those really help a lot. Take those couple and just work on them.. a lot. No need for so many different excersizes. Just practice the same. And it's much easier to see your results later.

              Happy training to you..

              A mi tuo Fo
              -Xing Jian


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                thank yo very much

                thank you very much for help i am deeply thankful for it but i have a question when i put the bench on the ground i lift one leg up and put it on the bench. then with that leg i put on the bench i use that to push my leg on the ground off it. kind of like a single leg squat. sorry but i just want to be possitive on this. THANKS


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                  Add ankle weights after a while, it will continue to refine the muscles. But you have to keep doing the jumping as if the weights were not there, then try to add more, the lighter it feels. Add your breathing with it, when you spring up, exhale; when you land inhale. These will be very quick breaths, but that doesn't mean they can't be deep.

                  BTW, I know a monk who was ordained in China with a monk from Shaolin (unfortunately I don't know the name of the monk) which told me that the Shaolin monk could leap into the air at extreme heights. I saw the pictures of it, but of course pictures can be deceiving as was mentioned earlier.

                  Light-body or Light-foot Gong (Ching Gong in Chinese) is very interesting, and even I have held some fantasies of learning how to do such things. In Taijiquan and Baguazhang, it is said that those who get to a high level tend to gain light foot ability. I have noticed that my stepping, even though it is more rooted, also seems to be far lighter than when I used to practice more "external" styles.

                  Many however, and unfortunately cannot perform this skill to the level of most of the ancient masters, but stories have a tendency of becoming a little embellished.

                  "For some reason I'm in a good mood today. I haven't left the house yet, though. "

                  "fa hui, you make buddhism sexy." -Zachsan

                  "Friends don't let friends do Taekwondo." -Nancy Reagan


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                    thanks again

                    thanks ill add that later on. my sifu there is pictures of him he not only a master in hung gar but also in wu tai chi and mu dong. he known for putting the softness in hung gar. and i have heard from other students he has jumped kicked like over ten feet. but he messed up his aquilies tendon but he can still even jump high when i see him jump it is not hard and forced its like you say soft. basically what i am working on is trying to jump high realhigh i know it will take long but im willing to take anying thing that hhas work towards peoples exspearances. if anyone has any good exercises feel free to tell me anytime i wil be very thank ful.


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                      Most of what you read or hear is historical fiction you know. It's stretched a bit and then stretch a lot. It's not always accurate. Historical fiction..

                      For that excersize, let me explain: Stand next to a bench. Lift your right leg and put your foot on the bench with your left foot still on the ground. Push with your right leg which is on the bench. This will lift your body up and your left foot will rise from the ground. Then lower yourself back down. Don't push off or jump with your left leg, the one that is on the ground. That will do nothing for you. Try to only use the right leg that is on the bench to push up and raise your body. Try pushing fast so you raise yourself off the ground faster. It should feel hard but also feel really good. Add weights later. But for starting it's not needed and really shouldn't be used if you haven't developed your legs yet. But later you can add weights.

                      The other excersize was just jump both feet up and down at the same time on and off the bench. And try to make the time on the ground very little. That will spring you back in the air and really help your jumping. For more info and exersizes, look online for "plyometrics". There's a whole science to it. You can find some really good info by searching for that. Read up...

                      A mi tuo Fo
                      -Xing Jian


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                        thanks alot

                        thank you very much for the tips is there anything else i should work from youre point of view like externaly or internally you got anymore good workouts i should do for the other parts of my body. if not its ok thanks for everything.

                        ami tou fu (bless you buddha)

                        Derek presti


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                          Well, sure. I have plenty of excersizes and drills that could help. I own a martial arts school myself. So I have teaching experience. If you have something you want to work on you may ask. Just tell me what area you want to work. And I will try to give you good tips, excersizes, and drills the best that I can through words. You just try it out and see if it works for you. Don't take my word for it and keep doing it if nothing happens. I can only explain through words on here. But drills and excersizes and good tips shouldn't be too hard to understand. And though it's best to learn in person from a teacher, the forums aren't a bad place for tips and such. But don't take anyone's word as true. Just do what you think is good. And if it works, great. If not, stop doing it.

                          Oh and especially internals. That's something a teacher in person should really show you. Tips are ok to follow if you think it's good. But don't take instruction on any certain internal form or anything. Only tips on things you already know.

                          Don't worry about asking too much. I enjoy teaching and helping others out. Also I learn many new things from the forums as well. If you have info through your experiences you'd like to share here or another thread, go ahead and do it. Other people will gain from it as well. And I'm sure they will all have positive input. More than one view is good. That's why it's a free message board.

                          A mi tuo Fo
                          -Xing Jian


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                            thats coool

                            youre a sifu, thats aweosome to know that even sifu's go on forums. what style do you do?i do hung gar a certain type though fu hok tai he morn hung gar, wu tai chi, mu respect for my sifu is above and beyond this world but even though i take his advice i also take others. when you brake it down were all from the same place the shaolin temple, so i think we shouldnt discard each other knowledge from each other we should rather share it so every one can have the benifits.even though i have only been doing kung fu for 8 months all i do is try my best to work everything i know to perfection. and do whatever i can do when im not doing kung fu to make it even better like exercising. say were you at the florida kung fu international championships....
                            ami tuo fu
                            derek presti


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                              My advice, is what comes up, most come down. So learn how to fall. Becareful where you jump too, slippery grass can make a hard landing.

                              Ever seen a cat get to a high place, it couldn't leap too in one bound? It usually leaps to something that it can jump on, then use that as a lanching pad to the next point.

                              One thing too, is there may be people, who can do things but they might not be really accessable, or want to keep their abilities secret.