The Beginning

I’ve always wanted to start a blog with regular updates on various thoughts, opinions, suggestions and articles. Pretty much whatever else comes to mind that I feel is worthy enough to comment on or point out in life. This therefore is the beginning of my blogs here on Russbo.

The beginning then is really a continuation of a thought pattern that I feel is necessary to get out in the open for others to see and read. I am going to try and keep it updated once week if I have the chance or more if there is something I feel needs to be discussed.

The main title of my blogs come from Bruce Lee where he felt that as you gain knowledge in something what you are really doing is learning something about yourself. It is so important that we do this as human beings because it shows that we are continually capable of growth and progression. We are not becoming old and stale if we are always trying to rediscover ourselves and reach beyond what we have already done.

At work today I was talking with another trainer in which she and I were discussing on the stair climbers how there is such a strong feeling among some religious types to never go beyond their own traditions. We really cannot afford to do that as human beings because tradition is based what has worked for a time but it has been long forgotten what it was meant for in the first place. I have seen this a lot in life from martial arts, fitness, and religion/philosophy. People just get stuck in their ways and miss the point all together, and it becomes really sad when you see happen to individuals; especially loved ones.

The only thing we can do as individuals in this case is keep growing and moving forward in our own right, despite the unwillingness of others. It has always been said that the best way to teach is by example.