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Streaming video, download, and saving video issues

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  • Streaming video, download, and saving video issues


    I have some streaming problem issues.

    QuickTime have 2 streaming option one UDP based and another HTTP based
    The UDP based do NOT cross fire wall
    So we cannot view the QuickTime video if we are behind a firewall.

    When I use the UDP mode (the default) I do connect to the straming server (outgoing UDP packets) but I
    have no response (Ingoing packets forbidden by firewall)

    And when I change the streaming option (using HTTP instead of UDP) I cannot access the videos.

    Is there a way to change the option of the streaming server(on your side) to alloy HTTP streaming.

    Note : I do not have the same problem when accessing the slideshow on the url

    The problem occurs only for the QuickTime streaming in the video library (


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    Unfortunately, we are not only using the server to stream videos; it is also used to serve web pages and other files. One of the limitations that we have, is that we can't stream videos and serve web pages on the same port, that is, port 80. Port 80 is used to serve web pages and files, port 554 is used to stream. If I stream on port 80, I have to turn off a good portion of the site, including this discussion forum, the file library, the online store (in process of building), and some other file serving things. The videos can only be streamed, on my end, from port 554.

    It is easy to open your firewall to port 554. If you're on a home firewall, use the software for the unit, via your browser, to open up the QuickTime port (or port 554). If you're behind a corporate firewall, you'll have to get your IT people to open it up. Regardless, opening port 554 is not much of a security risk; you should have no problems opening that up.

    The slideshows on are of a different nature, and are sent out from a different server.

    Sorry we can't make this more amenable to everybody. We have some limitations on this side that we can't overcome. In the near future, we will be rehashing the videos so that they stream better for people on slower connections.

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      streaming issue


      Concerning the streaming issue and following a previous post.

      Your http server is started on port 80 thats why you cannot start the streaming server on this port.

      Your streaming server is on port 554, that serve stream in UDP, RSTP fashion.

      UDP is a non connected protocol, so the problem is that we have to open a port on the firewall without limiting
      it to the connections that are started from the inside (behind the firewall) since there is no "connection" in UDP.
      And you may need to add special port and ip mapping ( I haven't tried)

      If you use HTTP (on an another port 8080 for example) it will be safer. Since HTTP works over TCP which is connection oriented and the connection being initiated from inside all the packets for the same connection will be autorised.

      Usually on a firewall you authorise the paquets on another port than 80 when you know that the connections is started form the inside (outgoing).

      Is it possible to start you server in http on another port (provided that you keep the existing instance that serves UDP, RSTP on port 554 so it will not perturbate the existing option). Adding to that instructions on you site saying that it quicktime do not work in the default configuration you may be behind a firewall so try using http streaming on port 8080 for example.

      I certainly prefer to be able to download those video so I can study them on a computer that is does not have a
      hight speed connection to internet. I will be graetefull if you can make it possible. (I do not think that anybody can make commercieal use of them since you put the origin - - on the videos, it will be cheaper to go on the site and download them)



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        With respect to firewall issues, all the ones that I have worked with can easily have their 554 ports opened, in fact, some of the software specifies "QuickTime" as an option to "make available". It's fairly easy, and it's fairly safe. Many people have done it; I do it on my own network at home. If you're behind a corporate firewall, your IT department, with a little begging, might be convinced to open port 554 for you. Home firewalls are easily changed.

        As far as moving the server to port 8080, as far as I know, it can't be done on my server. OSX prefers port 80 for serving; messing around with that, at this time, is impossible, as I'm in China. And, I'm not sure if I really want to be messing around with it when I get back, as, by some strange and bizarre stroke of luck, I actually got all of this to work. I don't believe in messing with success, especially, when what you're playing with now, took me, and some other people, lots of trial and error over the past two months. We're "educated" now, but, I've got far too many other "projects" to work on when I get back, including, many more hours of video that we have to produce and upload. We're also going to repair some of the video that's on the site, so that people with slower internet connections will be able to view them easily. (Right now, streaming is set only for those with high speed broadband; we'll change that and increase the options, when I get back).

        As for making these available for download, it's not something that I prefer to do. A lot of work and effort (and money) went into making these available; the ones in the past that I made available for download ended up on commercial sites. (The trademarks that you see on the videos can be removed and altered with any professional video editing program; having that on there does not do a great job of "protecting" them.) As I don't charge anybody anything for playing here, I prefer to keep my work on my site, and not make it available so others can make money off of it. It's an unfortunate thing of the internet, we do what we have to, to live with it. Besides, I am not showing these videos so people can dissect them to learn from them; they are there for presentation only (Note Bene: if you play with your QuickTime player, after you run through the video once, you should be able to go through it, step by step, pausing and starting and rewinding, at will.) I am a firm believer that one can not, and should not even try, to learn gong fu from videos or books. You lose far too much of the art that way, and I certainly won't ever be a proponent of that. I make these videos available so people can see what Shaolin gong fu really is, in contrast to the tremendous amount of shit that many people out there try to pretend to diffuse as "real" for their own commercial success.

        Probably a more important reason for not spreading these out all over the net, is the fact that the monks that I work with, really don't want this stuff spread around. I've spend years developing relationships with these guys, and they trust me to "protect" the limited videos that they allow me to shoot of them. (Getting videos of monks doing gong fu forms is not an easy thing; they prefer not to do it. There are many, many reasons for this.)

        I understand the problems with the current system, and I've already made plans with the team, to make these things "work better". Give us time, we'll get it done. There's just so many other things that we have to do to make your experience here more enjoyable and educational, and they all take time, and cost money. Money, which if I may remind you, does not come from this site.

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          It's not only a question of opening a port. It's a question of NAT. NAT
          consist of translating the address on wich the UDP RSTP packet is sent
          back to an internal adrress. Following a extract from
          the quicktime documementation regarding the issue.

          For Network Address Translation (NAT) Server Users

          If you have a home or small business network in which several computers are
          connected to the Internet through an ISDN, ADSL, cable modem, or other high speed connection,
          you may run into problems accessing QuickTime movies streamed with the RTP/RTSP protocol.
          If your access device performs network address translation, allowing multiple computers
          at your site to share a single IP address, then you will either need that router to understand
          RTSP or you will have to use HTTP as a transport mechanism.


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            Streming issue New constatation

            The video in the linkthat follows does not work on my pc :
            ( like I said before)

   Discussion Forum / Library > RESTRICTED AREAS > File, Audio, Video, Book, and Slideshow Libraries > Video Library > Gong Fu Videos: Shaolin monk performed > Wu Xing Ba Fa, Shi De Cheng

            While the one in this link WORKS :

   Discussion Forum / Library > RESTRICTED AREAS > File, Audio, Video, Book, and Slideshow Libraries > Video Library > Gong Fu Videosisciple/Student performed > 18 Shi De Cheng Wushu Guan: Sweatshop

            (I am very happy since there must be a way to access the first video too)

            It seems that the problem I have was not a problem of protocol (HTTP RSTP) since both of them uses Quicktime on port 554 there must be something else.

            Whats the difference betwen those 2 videos, do they have different setting on QuickTime server ?

            Can you do something



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              The difference is technology. Amazing what Apple has done over the past few months.

              The latest videos use a different QuickTime streaming technology than the old ones. We're in the process of rebuilding all the old ones to use this new format. It's gonna take a while, you're talking about a lot of work here.

              Hopefully by next week.
              Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

              "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

              (more comments in my User Profile)