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DOC!!!, I can't find any videos!! Help!!!

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  • DOC!!!, I can't find any videos!! Help!!!

    Basically, my post is the same as the title. I found one video, but no others. Am I in the wrong place?

    Also, Can I link to some of your videos from my site? The Pics you let me use really "Spruced" up the place. Thanks. I put a link to your site right under the pics I used.

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    You need to go to your USER CP (user control panel), and EDIT OPTIONS. Then, look for "Default Thread View", change that to "show all threads".

    They're there, you're just not seeing them. Also, on the bottom of the thread box, is a listing of what threads to view; you can alter that to show all threads from the beginning, instead of the last thirty days.

    Feel free to use the pics on this site, provided that you do not use them for commercial purposes, and that you link back to, and that you don't alter them in any way.

    Hope this helps. The forum is really powerful, you just have to get used to using it.

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