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Tai Ji videos not downloading

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  • Tai Ji videos not downloading

    I can't seem to get these Tai Ji videos to download to my computer (specifically numbers 48, 46, and 42) I've learned what should be the second version of the old number 48 (Chen style lau Jia er lo Tai Ji Quan ) . It's the version with all the "Fa LI" i.e. extra punches, elbows, kicks and sweeps, as opposed to the original softer version. I'd very much like to see the way these are performed here, but they will not download to my computer. I have broadband, and don't have a problem with other videos. Is there some sort of problem with the system? Any suggestions as to how I can view these?


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    I'm not sure; they worked before. As I'm in Thailand, on a very slow connection, I really can't test it. Anyone else having trouble downloading these??
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      I've tried to download them and it worked perfectly.

      Hei Hu,

      I can send them by email to you, if you want me to. Just send me a PM with your email address.

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