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    Maybe some of you got the same problem as I did. Doc posted an announcement yesterday, but the members of the site seem not to be able to read that message. Only the "guests" are able to read it.
    As it's a nice new feature here on the site, I would like to post the original post from Doc here again:

    The site wide communications center is now open and functional. In the upper right hand corner of each web page is a "Whooz Online?" image. If you click on that, a java script window will open. You will automatically be assigned a guest number; you can edit your profile and put whatever name you want into it. Then, when you peruse through the site, a small window will remain open, identifying the fact that you are online and available. Others can access you by double clicking your name; a private conversation box will open. These two boxes, the "Whooz Online?" box, and the private conversation box, will remain available regardless of where you go on the site.

    As long as you keep your browser open and online, the communications system should maintain your inputted profile. If you close your browser and reopen it, once you log onto the communications system by clicking on the "Whooz Online?" box, you can "Edit Profile" and identify yourself to the community with any name of your choosing (you are the blue "guest").

    If you leave the site, the "Whooz Online?" box, and the private conversation box, will remain available until you close them.

    Messaging can only take place between two individuals, and that message is considered to be private. Others cannot view your private conversations. You cannot be "seen" by visitors to this web site if you do not open (click) the "Whooz Online?" box.

    Hope this helps.
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    hey maybe a slight bug or something?

    every time i go elsewhere on the site the java boxes vanish and i have to reopen them? Any way to detach them from the specific screen?

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      No, they will go to the bar on the bottom. I'll work on a way to keep them exposed. I don't think it's an option now. We also need a sound for when they open.

      Will work on it.
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