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  • russbo.COM

    Hi doc, simple question=>whith which "site" did you make russbo? lycos multimania, tripod...?
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  • #2 is presently on two different server areas. One, the which hosts the main part of the site, is rented on a monthly basis from a large, nationwide ISP server business. We use about four hundred megabytes from them. But because of the ever increasing size of the site (the forums, videos, search engines, calendars, store, classifieds, communications, egistrations, etc), I felt it was necessary to purchase my own server, and run these things from my own internet access. We currently use, with operating system and all the programs and various other and sundry things, about sixty gigabytes of space on that server. It would have been prohibitively expensive to rent that space from a commercial supplier.

    I used to use Tripod to run my slideshows; I've since moved those to my own server, using QuickTime Streaming Server. I have more control over it that way. Having too many parts of the site spread out over different servers all over the net had proved to be a nightmare; people kept going out of business, and I had to keep moving and recreating things.

    I use a combination of Microsoft Front Page and Macromedia Dreamweaver to create and manage the site. I also use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Publlisher to a great extent. There are too many programs on the server to list, that run all the various aspects of the back end of the site. There are many programs that are "hidden", that run varioius aspects of the site "behind the scenes", that you don't see.

    Most definitely a lot behind this. It certainly has evolved into one hell of a complexity over the years.
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