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  • Needed: Flash files for

    We're in need of some Flash swf files, that you, the Flash creator with unbounding creativity, can put together for us. The Flash depictions can basically be anything that you might think is relevant to this site. I plan on using them in various areas, and for various nefarious purposes, to help entertain, educate, and promote our little community.

    As historically has been a money losing proposition, with no plans or possibility of changing our perpetually downward financial direction, we can only reimburse you for your time, professionalism and effort, with the internationally famed double "D"'s.

    The DocDollar.

    Granted, they're worthless, and they won't get you on a bus. But, just think of the havoc that you can create in our Forum Market. Like, making Zachsan's name different colors. Or, taking away Steve's Caesar award in the Colliseum for his Bloody Pingu accomplishment, which he no doubt stayed awake countless nights trying to obtain. Truly noteworthy and worthwhile adventures.

    Really great and imaginative Flash submissions might be rewarded with some training at our Las Vegas training center. We'll do our best to make you happy. As always.

    Feel free to send swf files directly to me, as soon as possible. As I'm leaving for Asia soon, I really don't have much time to implement these new features.

    I apppreciate the help, as always. Besides, working on improving the forum keeps me off the streets at night.

    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

    (more comments in my User Profile)