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    New, at russboasia Thailand: A special training package!

    As we grow into our new and temporary, albeit small, dormitory / training facility, we felt that is was only fair, to provide you with a very economical training choice. Besides, since I'm stuck here in Thailand for the summer, we might as well celebrate, have fun, and get into trouble, a bit.

    The Doc Economy package provides you with two hours of professional level Muay Thai instruction in the mornings, and one to two hours of Shaolin gong fu instruction in the afternoons, for five days of every week. Air conditioned dormitory style accommodations are included, as is use of our professional level weight training equipment.

    This package provides just enough training, to fit in with your much desired beach and "entertainment" time. Food is not provided, though cooking facilities for you to create your own masterpieces are. Besides, if you're nice, you might even find me cooking for you every once in a while.

    More details are in the russboasia part of the site. But for 20,000 Baht per month (about $500 US), it's pretty hard to beat.

    Application forms are in the russboasia part of the site. See you soon.
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