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  • russboasia ITC temporarily closed

    We have to shut down operations here in Thailand for a period of time. There are many reasons for this, all unexpected, and, for some reason, all getting worse.

    Our association with our previous Muay Thai coach has turned from bad to worse. As I've mentioned before, my six year relationship with this individual and his famly came abruptly to a halt when I purchased some land here in Thailand. The effects of the tsunami on the local tourist economy has really brought devastation to some families, especially those that relied heavily upon tourism. His actions to embezzle, extort, and threaten (including death threats against myself and my girlfriend), have been highly irrational and without any sort of basis for existance. We have had to break off all contact with this individual, and his family, because of his continued disruptive actions.

    This has caused us to lose a training facility, one of which we depended upon for our Muay Thai component. We have rebuilt another facility, unfortunately, nearby his, but it is not exactly the size or the quality that we would like to present to the world. It was initially our dormitory space, nearby the Muay Thai camp, which we converted to training space. Its proximity to the old coach's facility has caused some problems, as the old coach does not seem to want to "let go" of his claims and his anger. Our new facility, though fully equipped, is not as large as we would like at this time.

    Another issue, is the lack of zoning in Thailand. Our dormitory complex now is the new neighbor to a brand new cement factory, which seemed to erupt over the past few weeks. For some strange reason, they like to make cement at night sometimes. It's not a big issue, but, on those nights that the factory is in process, sleeping becomes an issue. We don't like what's happened here, and we're currently looking for other facilities to move the whole thing to.

    Our previous business partner, a native Thai, has also caused us many other problems. When first setting up the russboasia company, he set it up in such a way so that its business purpose was, well, deceitful. In Thailand, a company can be involved in up to 42 different businesses. As he had set it up, I know find out that russboasia can do all sorts of things as a company, but, it cannot teach martial arts. As russboasia's primary purpose was to teach, the proper license was not obtained. As I can now ascertain, I see that the original business manager's intent was to hide income from the government; by not officially "teaching", there was no reason to report any of the income for tax purposes. Because all legal papers have to be in Thai, and, because of the trust that had been involved with not only the previous business associate, but also with the Thai attorneys that took care of fhe paperwork, this issue had not been noticed by us before.

    We do not operate that way. We were appalled when we discovered this, and now, with great expense, we are restructuring the companies so that they are more "proper". The more I learn about the ways and means of this old associate, the more disgusted I get. I never saw this in the light that I do now, because, over the previous six years, we had not been in business together.

    Apparently, this shortsided type of business behavior is common in Asia; I've seen it before in China, and now, I'm seeing it here in Thailand. The whole concept of "surviving today" and "not worry about tomorrow", is a common one here. Unfortunately, its practice can lead to future legal issues, which is something that I have no desire to be involved with. The companies that we have here have to be restructured appropriately before we can start functioning.

    And, lastly, we have some issues with long term visas and work permits for our key members. The company formation problems that I've mentioned above are one part of it; the tainting of Russbo Education Corporation by Xing Wei's recent violation of his US visa agreement is another. We will get these visa and work permit issues resolved, but it may take a few months.

    We will open the training facility once we get these issues taken care of. Once the visa and work permit items are taken care of, the problems with instructors will not be an issue. However, we do want to rebuild our training center in a larger facility, and this will take some time. As I will be leaving Thailand soon, some of these issues will have to wait until I return next year.

    For those of you who are "on the way", we can provide housing for you, and assistance in finding other Muay Thai camps in Phuket. That will not be a problem. If you're coming, don't worry. You will be taken care of.

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