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Shi De Cheng is coming..... (again)

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  • Shi De Cheng is coming..... (again)

    We were successful in obtaining a repeat visa for Shi De Cheng so that he may come to spend tiime with us in the US. But, it's better than that....

    For we were also successful in getting a visa for his brother too. For those of you who are unaware, Shi De Cheng's brother also has a long distinguished history in the Chinese martial arts. He has been China's National Sanda (Chinese Boxing) champion, for nine consecutive years. Almost the same nine years that Shi De Cheng was China's National Jiou Jie Bian champion.

    We're very proud and happy to have both of them come to stay with us at the Shaolin Institute. Shi De Cheng and his brother are expected to stay with me in Las Vegas for at least a month. If last year was any indication, it will probably be a lot more than that.

    Expect a party, at the doc palace, soon.....
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