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  • School's open...

    The Shaolin Chan Wu Xue Yuan is open...

    We started tonight. The school has been built out (pictures are coming), and our first class started tonight. We're trying to start this off slowly, as we're waiting for Shi De Cheng (soon), and Shi Xing Wei (March). Kevin McAllister, a fourth degree black belt in kempo, and a second degree black belt in Jiujitsu, and, also, my Shaolin gong fu work out partner, will be doing most of the preparatory training before Shi De Cheng arrives. As I am a little behind with respect to getting the online registration finished, along with online class schedules, we really don't expect to get full blown started for another week or two. Those who are interested in training with us, in some prep work, can either email me directly, or call the corporate phone number at 702.562.8666, and leave a message.

    Classes for now, are at 1830 hours, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The school is located at 7905 West Sahara, suite 104, Las Vegas, NV. Afternoon classes will start soon, once we get the rest of the minor difficulties worked out. Online registration will start sometime this week. Class schedules will be in this forum's calender, soon.

    More details, real soon. Stay in touch.

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