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Member's Choice: The Academy Awards

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  • doc
    A few things, concerning the Academy Awards. As I get this thing working, LOL.

    Up to five people can be nominated for each award.
    You nominate people, in any of their posts, using the "Nominate Now" link.
    Nominees get notified by email, and get the opportunity to provide an acceptance speech.
    There is a time period, as delineated in the Academy Award section.
    Once five people have been nominated, or, once the time limit has been passed, voting is allowed to occur.
    You can vote in the Member Services / Academy Awards section.

    The winner gets the joy of knowing that he is beloved by the community. And, we might throw him a few hundred docdollars, just for the hell of it.

    I'll get the thing working correctly, soon.

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  • doc
    started a topic Member's Choice: The Academy Awards

    Member's Choice: The Academy Awards

    A new function, which recognizes some of our better members, can be found in the Member Services navigation bar link, Member's Choice. Occasionally, a poll will be found there, for various sundry reasons.

    In each post, next to each individual's name, there is a "Nominate Now" link, with which you can use to nominate that member for, whatever it is we're voting on.

    Suggestions for whatever it is we're voting on should be forwarded directly to me.

    I"m not sure how good this works, LOL, but, let's see... Have fun with it.