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Internet Explorer with new forums: ISSUES

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  • Internet Explorer with new forums: ISSUES

    IE has some major problems with the new forum software; it is not only us who are experiencing these issues. Some of the issues include:
    • Failure to maintain style selection when changing pages
    • Failure to remain logged in
    • IE crashes when vbPager system pops up or closes
    • And other things.
    It has to do with this new AJAX technology, which allows for only a partial refresh of a page when you post. It most definitely speeds up page load, and allows the forums to move more quickly. Netscape Navigator, Firefox, and other Mozilla based browsers have no trouble with this new technology; IE seems to have quite a few issues.

    I cannot revert the forums or the technology back to the old style. We are stuck with this. Actually, the new technology is quite impressive; the problem is, IE has not kept up with the times here. It just doesn't play well with the new software that is being used now.

    So, a few suggestions, if you do not care to change to N or FF.

    In IE, go to your Tools/ Internet Options / Security. Add " to your Trusted Sites area. Also, in Privacy / Sites, add and to your "Allow cookies" section. Set your Security level to "medium" or default. And, if you do not have Java installed for your IE browser, get it and install it (see the Site Map for more details).

    Personally, I use Netscape Navigator, and have no issues whatsoever with any parts of the forum, or, anything else for that matter. Until IE gets upgraded to handle the new technology, this is probably the best way to go.
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