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FeiYue's, FeiYun's, what a mess...

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  • FeiYue's, FeiYun's, what a mess...

    Well, we're flabbergasted.

    A cheap, poorly made, ****ty Chinese martial arts shoe (that we've all come to know and love), has a cheaper, ****tier, imitation. And I thought, at my tender old age, that I had truly seen it all.

    Apparently, the FeiYue shoe has an imitation which is called the FeiYun. And we just found out that we have it today. In one of our shipments from China, some of the bags that these little buggers come in, contain the FeiYun, and not the FeiYue. This appears to be an error on the part of the guy who put the order together in China for us.

    He shall be tortured and executed.

    If we sent any of you russbo homies FeiYun's by mistake, please get a hold of me.
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