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Problems with Market / Colliseum integration

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  • Problems with Market / Colliseum integration

    I'm currently dealing with some issues with the new Market / Colliseum integration.

    I'm currently working on it; repairing this requires some more code changes, which might take take a day or two. If you are a registered member, you should be able to purchase a Colliseum pass to play in the Colliseum. You can obtain that in the Market. If you are a Super Member, you should be able to access the Colliseum for free. The current problem is, some Super Members are being denied access while others are not.

    Email me if you have problems with this integration, so that I can better figure out what is going on. The integration of the Colliseum with the Market will take a few more days, but expect, in the near future, to earn docdollars by winning championships in the Colliseum.

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