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  • Inability to download videos

    Many people have requested to be able to download the videos found on this site. Some are available to download via your QuickTime player, some do not have the option. We have chosen which ones we allow to be downloaded and disseminated.

    As for making them all available for download, it's not something that I prefer to do. A lot of work and effort (and money) went into making these available; the ones in the past that I made available for download ended up on commercial sites. (The trademarks that you see on the videos can be removed and altered with any professional video editing program; having that on there does not do a great job of "protecting" them.) As I don't charge anybody anything for playing here, I prefer to keep my work on my site, and not make it available so others can make money off of it. It's an unfortunate thing of the internet, we do what we have to, to live with it. Besides, I am not showing these videos so people can dissect them to learn from them; they are there for presentation only (Note Bene: if you play with your QuickTime player, after you run through the video once, you should be able to go through it, step by step, pausing and starting and rewinding, at will.) I am a firm believer that one can not, and should not even try, to learn gong fu from videos or books. You lose far too much of the art that way, and I certainly won't ever be a proponent of that. I make these videos available so people can see what Shaolin gong fu really is, in contrast to the tremendous amount of shit that many people out there try to pretend to diffuse as "real" for their own commercial success.

    Probably a more important reason for not spreading these out all over the net, is the fact that the monks that I work with, really don't want this stuff spread around. I've spend years developing relationships with these guys, and they trust me to "protect" the limited videos that they allow me to shoot of them. (Getting videos of monks doing gong fu forms is not an easy thing; they prefer not to do it. There are many, many reasons for this.)

    I understand the problems with the current system, and I've already made plans with the team, to make these things "work better". Give us time, we'll get it done. We are always upgrading the server and the streaming software to better enhance your experience. There's just so many other things that we have to do to make your experience here more enjoyable and educational, and they all take time, and cost money. Money, which if I may remind you, does not come from this site.

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