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Whooz Online (Hubz) and DigiChat difficulties

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    Constant pop up of Hubz window

    How to fix the constant pop up of the Hubz window

    Hubz was designed to pop up ONCE when you entered anywhere within the domain. And, it was designed to withdraw to the bottom of your browser window, and stay there, once you clicked anywhere on your browser page. You had the option of opening it at any time, from wherever you might be on the web, just by clicking on the minimized box on the bottom of your page.

    However, some people have found that the Hubz box opens consistently, with the changing of every web page that you surf to.

    It was not designed to do this.

    Some people have this problem, some people don't.

    The ones that do, are using an older version of Java Virtual Machine. If you want to stop the annoying constant pop up of the Hubz window, you need to upgrade your JVM. The Sun version works the best; the latest version available from Microsoft for Windows XP, build 3805, also works fine.

    It's easy to do.

    First, make sure that you have the latest version of your browser software. Internet Explorer works fine.

    Then, go here, and download the latest version of JVM. It's easy to install. Get it, and follow the directions on this page:

    Hubz will work much better. As I planned it to.

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  • doc
    started a topic Whooz Online (Hubz) and DigiChat difficulties

    Whooz Online (Hubz) and DigiChat difficulties

    Whooz Online (Hubz) and DigiChat access difficulties

    Some people are able to log onto the Hubz system (by clicking on the "Whooz Online" button in the upper right hand corner), but are unable to enter the chat room (accessed in the Hubz menu that appears when you click on the "Whooz Online" button). There are a few reasons for this.

    First, it depends upon what version of Java Virtual Machine you are running on your computer. Some versions will only allow Hubz to function; others will allow both the Hubz system and the Chat room to function. The Chat room, by virtue of its complexity, requires a more recent and advanced Java Virtual Machine. You might want to make sure that your browser is fully updated and contains all the necessary Java support.

    Second, the Hubz system and the Chat room use different ports when they try to enter your computer. Hubz uses port 6789; the Chat room system uses ports 58396 and 8396. If you are behind a firewall, these ports must be open for the Hubz and DigiChat java script to enter and function. Obviously, if your 6789 port is open and the others are not, the Hubz system will work, and the DigiChat chat room will not.

    Hope this helps.