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    MOSSAD (the jewish CIA) is hard at work making muslims look bad all over the world. They are so good at it that newspaper repoters never see them and they even trick arab terrorist groups into taking credit for their crimes.
    "I'm like Tupac: Who can stop me?"

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    i was wondering when the Sudanese were going to find an excuse to make their Genocide important enough for the UN to consider.
    Now that the jews are responsible for it, the UN will be alll over it


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      Hey Lester, throughout history, it's always been the Joooo's fault, hasn't it? Just part of the burden of being a member of the tribe.
      Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

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        Yes, I know we NEVER hold emergency meetings, not even when millions are being killed in Africa, but hey, it's Israel!
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          Incidentally, last year's emergency special session of the Security Council on Yom Kippur was in response to Israel's "aggression" against syria- not in response to the Syria-funded Suicide attack that triggered it.

          Frankly, i would be proud of my country if it helped rebels in Darfour. More and more, reports are coming out of refugees from the area that the Islamic mobs sweeping the area and mercilessly killing tens of thousands are armed with government-issued weapons and are assisted by sildiers.

          But of course, this isnt Important enough to the UN because theres no definite way of pinning this on it's scapegoats.



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            Subj: thanks for the compliment and more comments for your edificationRe: great investigative journalism
            Date: 8/5/04 3:47:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time
            Sent from the Internet (Details)

            hi lester: aug. 5, 2004
            thanks for the great compliment.
            yes, we have photographers stationed outside all important buildings in Iraq; we also have interviewers posted there as well. we had terrific interviews, in hebrew and arabic, with the mossad guys.
            they said they got their earlier practice in palestine and lebanon--helped to cause a lot of commotion, grief and civil war in those places, so they thought they'd do the same in iraq. you know, the mossad guys have to stay in practice; of course, they also work with the CIA and have helped train some of the "dark side" special ops in the U.S.military--they have a lot in common with the old gestapo and the KGB and Stazy (you remember Stazy from the old east german days, don't you lester--i think that may be your real name, at least it sounds good...)
            yes, kaplan and some of the other guys in the u.s., including the substructure zionists at 60 minutes (not mike wallace or andy rooney, they'd both have a fit if they knew what the kid downstairs were doing or who is dinging the girls and dining with the boys...) have been told, by these same mossad guys, to keep it down in the u.s., but since we're only a small internet ezine, they felt they could talk to our people on the ground in iraq. as you know, mossad, like sharon, is made up of a bunch of very overconfident guys and women--as ariel sharon said, shortly after gw bush was elected prez, "he doesn't tell us what to do, we tell him..." so, i guess you can see how that works in iraq with the big new israeli influence in baghdad and trying to complete their oil deals and trying to get the new vichy/puppet government to be pro-israel. yes, lester, it is exciting and very transparent if you really wish to see; but, whether you see or not is up to you.

            well, lester, blessings on you for your fine comments, and may all be well.
            On 8/5/2004 3:19:37 PM, lester wrote:
            > I can't believe you got those pictures of MOSSAD blowing up those churches. You obviously spent a ton of hard work on that article. LIke the Atlantic Monthly and 60 minutes know anything about fact gathering. Who is this Robert Kaplan, travelling to the ends of the world for his little stories? Good to know at least one other person realizes the genius of Jayson Blair. Thanks
            > Lester
            "I'm like Tupac: Who can stop me?"


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     ... as in cox communications? is this guy in Oklahoma?


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                probably. You don't think he'd actually go to Iraq to get his information or live in one of the countries he talks about as being so much better than the US.
                "I'm like Tupac: Who can stop me?"


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                  I know the type- i work nights an Denny's and avoid the smoking section just so i dont have to deal with the "immense intelligence and experience" of these guys.


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