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    Yeah, like peanut butter. I mean, sure, it has hydrogenated soybean oil in it, and that will fight against your white blood cells which in turn will cause you to become sick easier as well as allow the fat from that same peanut butter to take twice as long to be digested allowing more of it to be deposited into your gut !

    But could you imagine life without peanut butter ? Now that would be scarry !!!!!!

    Nah, I say screw the chemical "enhancments", they just help to kill us faster ! And how would we know if they make life more comfortable if they were never created in the first place. I think western style toilets are way more comfortable than Chinese ones, but the CHinese here who have never used a wester style toilet are completely happy with what they got !

    If it's not broke why fix it ?
    "Winners turn to losers, losers are forgotten..." - A Tribe Called Quest


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      Zach, Im suggesting that perhaps alternative sweeteners are not a viable method of treating obesity, and the simple fact that they often prove to be carcinogenic in the long run only fuels that argument. People need to change their eating habits in order to change their bodies and thus their lives. Excessive consumption of products based on refined sugar and refined flour does indeed lead to obesity and its a piss poor solution to say well you can still enjoy low carb sugar free versions of those same products.

      People need to understand that if they're overweight enough to need to use artificial sweeteners they're overweight enough that need to stop eating sweets and flour based products period. I'm not reccomending cold turkey diet changes but gradual reductions with phasing in more fresh vegetable matter. Less candy, more fruit, less bread, more fresh vegetables.

      Because according to the research I've seen, artificial sweeteners do far more harm than good to the body and are often worse for the patient than refined sugar. And refined sugar is pretty bad.

      It'd tickle me pink if Equal and Sweet n' Low had to bear the same kind of package labels that cigarettes do.
      Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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        There are things in our food that cause cancer, do they HAVE to be there? no! With our current technology, can we cure cancer? why not?! We decided the human genome, what bounds are there now in medical engineering? some amendment, some government rule? Did you know that viruses can be man made? but we refuse to study super beneficial technologies due to value of human life? since when did president bush value human life? he apparently doesnt care about the live of our people fighting HIS war.i

        So bush is against stem cell therapy, but he doesnt care about all of our people dying in iraq fighting a war that is not even our fight, only as pawns to make MONEY!!!!And not for the american people by the way, if so, you would see the gas prices go down... But no, is it a coincidence that the bush family owns like a big ass percent of the oil trade. Spending billions on WAR, KILLING, when he can be funding MEDICAL BREAKTHRUOUGHS AND HEALING PEOPLE!!!! Its a shame that we are the so called #1 superpower, but we cant do a damn thing to help the world... well, we can... but we arent... why? I dont know why... I really dont know why. But i think i could do a much better job as president than bush, or any of the future presidential candidates for that matter...when will people learn that nothing is solved with war, only peace.

        energy has to do with money, it combines two things which dont mix; Greedy people with money who only care about getting more money, and something the world is dependant upon.

        how hard would it be to abolish currency and establish a way of life which strives to better humanity as a race?

        I think its funny that humans are trying to explore space, in hopes of future colonization, when we cant even get along with each other here on earth, its so utterly stupid and pitiful.

        If there were an alien invasion, we would all die because we wouldnt know how to work together, is it really in our nature to supress? Are we as a race as stupid as we seem? i like to believe otherwise, but im the hopeful type.

        We would'nt stand a chance against godzilla!!!
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        "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"


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          We could kill Godzilla by feeding him artificial sweeteners.


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