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    I'd like to make a point of mentioning an amazing way that all of you can get your hands on free television shows, movies, games, pictures, music, software, etc.

    Think about it, instead of bothering to watch a show on tv, you can just download it from the site. If a movie has come out in america, and you're in some random country without a theatre, or you're just too lazy to go to the movies, no problem! Download the latest bootlegs within a few days of the film being released.

    Hear a song by an artist you like, and you want to hear it again? No problem! Just download their entire discography all at once.

    Now the technology behind this is called Torrents. I'm sure some of you have heard about it, and some of you may already be using them. I don't mean to make this a discussion about ethics, and piracy, and what not. I'm simply sharing the information, and if you have no moral obligation to downloading season 3 of friends because you think rachel is hot, you can do so using my method.

    First, you need a torrent program.

    The quickest, easiest, simplest, no extra crap downloader is ABC (Another Bit Client). That's because it's as easy as 1 2 3!

    Just google for ABC Download, or go to this website:

    You want to download via sourceforge (because you don't have bit torrent yet) the installer, not the source.

    Once that program is downloaded, run it, and keep it open.

    Then, go to the website:

    There are plenty of sites that have 'torrents' on them, but this one is my favorite. Just do a google for 'torrents' after you've become capable at using mininova if you're interested in finding others. As mininova does not carry pornography of any kind, you might want to keep it in mind. is laid our pretty simply. Browse or search for whatever you want, then open the web page for whatever it is you plan on downloading.

    Click the download link on Mininova - then when the window pops up, instead of choosing save, choose OPEN, and it will automatically open up on ABC, and ask you where you want to save the file.

    Once its saved, look on the ABC program. You'll see that the torrent is trying to connect. If it succeeds, then the torrent becomes active. Here's the way torrents work.

    You start downloading the file you want from people called 'seeds' - that means they have the file in its entirety. 'Leechers' are people who are downloading from the seeds. While you start downloading from the seed, you will simultaneously be uploading everything you've downloaded to other people. It's totally up to you whether or not you want to let your bandwidth be used up by uploading to others, as you can limit your uploading amount in the preferences.

    Download time varies. It might take 3 days to download that 700 megabyte movie, but it may take 6 hours to download the 8 gigabyte file of seinfeld seasons 1 and 2. When you're done downloading it at 100% complete, just right click it and choose 'remove torrent.' That makes it so you're no longer uploading it to other people. Just don't choose 'remove torrent and files' unless you want to delete what you just spent all that time downloading.

    Ok, now go have fun, and enjoy for what it is. I know I do.

    There, you've all been blessed with easy, outlined, free media. Enjoy.
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