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How has having a baby changed yor life?

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  • How has having a baby changed yor life?

    Many moons ago, life was simple, relaxed and uncompromised. One day you go:"geez! Wouldn't it be nice to a)settle down, b)have a kid?
    Theeeen.... EVERYTHING CHANGES! you no longer sleep, showers and birthdays are the normal outing, besides buying milk and diapers at ungodly hours.
    Share with us your experiences as a new Dad!
    No Chumbas, por favor!

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    I get the feeling that was directed at me....

    Yes, it's quite the change that day when you go to the hospital.

    Two go in.

    Three come out.

    Took some getting used to.
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      an ex girl friend of mine had a kid, her daughter was just turned 1 when i met her, and so i had part in raising the same time my sister had a kid a year later and shes here alot.

      so from 1-3 ive had a good amount of experience, im nobodys "dad" but ive done all the stuff they have and then some. honestly i dunno what this threads about but i dunno i think kids and how they effect your life just depends on who you are. and the kid and their personality to.

      diapers and changes in your social life arent much of a big deal because you tend to want the kid around and miss them. also some kids are different my mom said i was out of diapers after a year and a half, some kids its 2 or 3. the same thing with discipline some kids are just "good" some kids arent so
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        I have three children ages 6, 3, and 2. Having children has been the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life. I love them dearly, but it is incredibly demanding raising childen, and am glad I waited to have them (I had my first child when I was 35 and my wife was 30). One of the highlights of my day is coming home and reading to them at night (now my 6 year old reads to me and the other two). I never thought I would get married, let alone have three children. It's funny to look back at things I said or wrote in the past and compare that to my life and thinking now.


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          Judging by the crimes i have heard of, babies dont really change a whole lot for some people. Only good people.

          Some people shouldnt even be able to have babies, I.E. child abusers, people who sell their children etc... but thats just my opinion. Well, at that point in their lives, i guess. lol

          Good parents are good at one thing, being mental patients.

          Did i say that right?

          sorry, i meant to say having mental patience.

          The difference about adults and children? Children deserve patience. Adults, well, they dont.

          Have a good day all.
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