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    "Yes, the methods seem similar. What I observed in NYC was somewhat shocking. Tension seemed to be encouraged. Students had red faces with tense expressions, and the class as a group frequently shouted -- in military fashion at the top of their lungs -- the following quote: "More Chi! Train Harder!"

    For starters, if you want more chi, you'll need to learn to train softer. "

    hehehe, i wish when i was in NYC last weekend i could have found that damn temple, maybe these claims could have been confirmed!

    anyway, that quote was so funny i had to post it
    "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus

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    Where is that from?
    practice wu de


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      actually, chi is increased through hard training,

      soft training increases awareness of it.
      "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"


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        its from wong kiew kits discussion forum, a topic about that one dude who went to shaolin uk and shaolin wahnam, they started hateing on the monks in the discussion, and anthony posted what i posted above about shaolin temple usa..i thought it was pretty funny, but the stuff they say is always funny, to me anyhow..heheh
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          Man, those were the days....

          oo, look, the weather is changing, wonder if wkk is doing some qigong or something right now.
          practice wu de


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            if you want to see some real humor, you have to check their new videos. at least they are new to me.

            some seriously hilarious shit in there, like WKK "teaching" some fools how to defend against western boxing and muay thai- first he teaches them how western boxers "fight," then has half the group mimic what they think boxers do, and the same for the muay thai and then they do what they call sparring. In one priceless demo WKK prances around keeping a newly minted western boxer at bay by keeping his arm stuck out, and not one of those dumbfuqs thinks to slap his arm out of the way and drop a hammer on his face.

            every now and then WKK comes up at USAST, usually when someone says they read one of his books or something. That sparks SYM off and he always says he wants WKK to come visit us, so he can shut his mouth, or if he spouts off more- and here Shi Yan Ming will say "funny things" which is basically translated to the word bullshit, he will fly him out here or fly there.

            Of course there are also the obligatory chi flow videos which are priceless in and of themselves.

            Vince I can't believe you couldn't find us! And all that pizza....

            p.s. we were in the Daily News, and also Entertainment Weekly did a piece on Old Dirty and the RZA which we also got some mentions in.
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              yknow arhat half of me wanted those videos to be good, but every time i looked at one i either started laughing or just started to get pissed, what kind of a bastard teaches people shit like that? did you see there tui shou? those videos are as ridiculous as what comes out of those peoples mouths(or fingertips in our situation)

              and no arhat, i could not find the temple, if i knew i was going to be scooped up out of nowhere to take a trip to NYC, i would have done something..but nope, every random asian guy i asked didnt see to know, i asked a mail man and some other people but after awhile of walking up and down broadway i just gave up, i so expected to see that usa shaolin temple banner to, it was a fun and depressing day..

              espcially when some NYC chick asked for my last cigarrette..that one took the cake!!
              "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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