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Banned everyone??

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  • Banned everyone??

    Did everyone get banned or something? Seems a bit quiet these days.. is it the calm before the storm?

    Is the russbo drama department working on a new production to entertain or inflame or is there a new shaolin scandal in the works?

    Or is everyone currently away training with some legendary master or other on a remote mountain in china with no internet?

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    i haven't been banned. yet....

    personally, though, am just busy finishing up grad. school and planning my trip back overseas. getting rid of everything you own, booking a ticket to a far away land, and actually working out all the details is sometimes harder than it appears. actually, it's a big pain in the ass.... the first time, it's fun. the fourth, well, not so much..


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      We actually had some pretty serious technical issues over the past two months.

      When I was struggling to rebuild the main site of, the ISP that I am using for, which this forum is on, apparently put some high volume site on the shared server that we live on. Probably some porn thing. Imagine, the sanctity of the blessed Forum / Library living next to bare breasts and young p..., oh, the thought.

      The effect was, the MSYQL server kept shutting down, so the forum here became "unavailable". Pages loaded slowly, if at all. I fought with the ISP for two months after I had figured out the problem; it was only until just recently that they "fixed" it.

      And, I've also wondered that Shaolin is just not as popular anymore. Or, people just don't appreciate the "reality" that is presented here.

      Whatever. I leave the site up for people to use as a reference. And I hope to get more involved again soon, because I've been damn busy out here in Thailand. Rebuilding was a three month nightmare, which I won't do again for a while, and I've been swamped with real life issues that have kept me from getting involved here. Lots of emails to answer, should be submitting more soon...
      Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

      "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

      (more comments in my User Profile)


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        And, I've also wondered that Shaolin is just not as popular anymore. Or, people just don't appreciate the "reality" that is presented here.
        Maybe you should create a 'fantasy shaolin' forum where people can discuss how great the various monks and local temples are and where all the things people wish were true about shaolin are talked about as if they are true and nobody is allowed to shoot them down with the harsh reality but instead everyone has to play along and tell more shaolin stories straight out of the finest Shaw Brothers movies. Place it at the top as the first forum visitors see so they dont get scared away by the rest..

        Speaking of which - Run Run Shaw is apparently 100 now.. must be something in the water over there, or is it the chi??


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