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Ever wondered what you're worth as an employee to the UN?

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  • Ever wondered what you're worth as an employee to the UN?

    I did. so, I checked it out.

    for giggles, obviously. .

    Blooming tianshi lotus.

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    and one more.

    Blooming tianshi lotus


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      Are you still doing that thing you were going to do with the U.N.


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        I am on a life'swork mission to offer an official reform to international education systems about all sort of stuff which may lead me to take a position in the UN, Yes.

        It's not a bad way to demonstrate an interest.. it just takes a lot of work is all.

        that's myyy journey alone through the cold dark snow.

        they do offer loads of positions though. pending on the capacity ppl might want to contribute in.. it's something, isn't it. and it's not even vote dependant.

        like that.


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          which may lead me to take a position in the UN
          why is it that i often question the veracity of your statements... mmm, perhaps it's just me, eh?

          of course, it is....


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            Maybe for the same reason you invited me to meet you in china and got hurt and upset that I didn't come. maybe just because you dont realise me because you dont realise you.

            the same reason probably that drives that you dont realise where I'm not desperate and never was, which you have nevvver sat in the shoes of by the looks of things, and probably the same reason you are so reactive, from what I can see is insecurity that comes with not realising yourself and emptying of it.

            that threatens you and your own life's mission?? who'd ever have guessed that?

            anyway, the point of my initial post wasn't to talk about myself. it was to plant a seed of an option for ppl because it does seem that so many ppl reeeally want to contribute their ideas and impact somewhere.
            they have pretty strict guidelines and standards for employment and cultural geographic hermeneutic heritage representation and a fairly broad demographic vacancy, so, I thought I'd throw it out there.

            Blooming tianshi lotus.
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              told you it was me... thanks for confirming that, though...


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                hey bl, were you offered a job at the UN?


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                  Would it make a difference to that it's an option that's available for ppl to be gainfully employed doing in the feild of their specialisation??

                  thaat's what we're talking about. not Me, onesp1ng.

                  I think they advertise it like that as a long term prospect in all of it's intracies for a reason.

                  it might be pay cut for a minute or stretch, but know?
                  that unesco bid for shaolin is still in the cue somewhere and iis actually about stuff it represents. there's no rush is what I 'm getting from it. one relay leg is one leg. you can do a mile with it or you can't.

                  I think some ppl might to like to see that they can and have dead set solid information on how to follow it through. thaat was the topic.

                  Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                    which may lead me to take a position in the UN
                    the word "me" in this sentence refers to YOU. and doesn't the phrase "take a position" imply there was a position already offered, which is pending, to where you will or will not move to except it?

                    furthermore, one doesn't have degrees and such while going to school, nor while working to obtain fake degrees (and so on and so forth and so on.....). just as a person can't take a job unless it's first offered.

                    but i'm sure you already know all this... either that or you're just extremely, well... you know, you probably already know what i'm going to say. in fact, i bet i don't even need to talk anymore....

                    cause you can read my mind...



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                      the cause is that I can read your mind??.. I do have mummy power, if you remember..*shrug*.
                      just like shakyamuni had "daddy power". .

                      Anyway, There are so many jobs offered at the UN from any numerous host of branches.
                      I do believe that if a vacancy is offered whose criteria any particular person can meet, that they have been offered the invitation to apply for that job.

                      as for your ' one doent have degrees' whilst in school blah bla blah, I beg to differ. most of my professors currently have numerous degrees and you know tha medicine requires a series of degrees, as does a masters and as does a pH.d.

                      There are ppl out there who are already qualified for those jobs being advertised, you know. you dont even know if I currently am qualifed to apply for any neither.

                      The advantage of looking at job criteria and major tasks and lifestyling considerations of those positions earlier on, prior any study at all even, is because it serves as a guide to a career path and opens up informed directional options. at my uni currently, we have days where high school kids from 15 yrs old can come in an investigate courses and potential career options.
                      I'm not sure I get your criticism except that you seem to feel insecure, G and caught up in yourself instead of the project, of which anyone who has something to contribute and is willing to work for it or has already, is welcome to step up. Ppl have stuff to say about the world, you know, and the UN is a great official platform for that.

                      I'm also not sure that you understand that before I ever joined a forum 5 or so yrs ago, that that was always my plan from the turning point of realisation of the path options available to me at the time, and that I personally wanted to and could do and couldn't not try to do something to help the world out and that that has been my ongoing plan for many yrs now and that I have never stopped employing action toward that...and have gone through gammits of many hell's trials to stay on it, and that I said I want to see some options put to the world, and I want it to come from supported governmental infrastructure. I dedicate my entire life to having a shot at seeing that put on the table specifically in regard to the issues Ii have enlightened of.

                      I likely wiiill apply for a term at the UN. I also have other means to impact infrastructure. like, via selected corporations and more microcosmic education bodies..
                      There's so much to do, onesp1ng. I just dont think you quite understand what I'm doing or that other ppl want to contribute aswell, aaand further more, that it's a very good thing, and nothing you say or do will change that or that it's available to us for that.
                      God bless your angry little heart.

                      Blooming tianshi lotus.
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                        I likely wiiill apply for a term at the UN.
                        wouldn't it be more accurate to say that you'd like to apply for a job at the UN, as stated above, and, if offered a job, would likely accept? there are plenty of people who would like a chance to work for the UN; you can't just claim a position. or can YOU?

                        when i said "have degrees," what was meant was that it is misleading to claim one holds a degree in, say, journalism (for example), before one graduates and is actual granted the degree in journalism. see, it's misleading because it's a lie.

                        your angry little heart.
                        oh, now you can read my emotion, too! this is superb -- you know how i feel and think......

                        is there even a need to continue this correspondence?

                        suppose the next time i'm on the look out for some good fortune-telling, i'll have to look you up.....


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                          No. it wouldn't be more accurate. I haven't 100% decided that that's exactly what I'd like to do at all, but, it's nice to know what the options and criteria are. you know, detatchment from absolutes. but I am working the criteria anyway.

                          I think you're just being borderline offensively silly now anyway, and you're right. further dialogue , likely is pointless , so hi, and so long.
                          so back to what were each doing then.

                          Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                            I haven't 100% decided that that's exactly what I'd like to do at all
                            haven't decided yet, weren't offered a job yet, but you're going to take a job there. i see. got it.
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